Meetup Profile: 3D Printing Meetup

Kian Parseyan is one of our most active members! In addition to working on his company Scarf, Kian leads the 3D Printing Meetup and is always on hand to welcome new faces to the startup community. 

Don't miss the next 3D Printing Meetup on Thursday, May 26 at 6:30 PM

Q: Why did you start a 3D Printing Meetup?

3D printing enables the average person to bring their ideas to life in ways that no previous generation has ever had available but anyone who's done any 3D printing knows that the technology is still far from user-friendly. Getting started includes a steep learning curve and having a community of people to ask questions to would have been a game-changer for me when I was starting out. I created the 3D printing meetup so that Edmonton would have an outlet for people to reach out to when they want to get involved with 3D printing. Also, exploring 3D printing is really fun. Exploring it with like-minded people is funner.

Q: What's involved in a typical meetup? 

We're still a fairly young meetup and we're exploring various topics that have interested members. We've talked about different kinds of 3D printers, how they work, and the various kinds of material they can use. We've covered the basics of 3D modeling and pointed members in the right direction to get the tools and skills to learn how to do it. In one session we ran through, from start to finish, modeling something and then 3D printing it. At a typical meetup we like to start by having people introduce themselves and their interest in 3D printing. Usually someone will bring something cool that they've 3D printed recently to show the group. Then we'll talk about people's challenges/applications and some really cool projects they've heard about. At the next session I want to see if the group would be interested in doing a project together.

Q: How have you benefited by interacting & connecting with a larger community?

Being able to talk about 3D printing with people who face similar challenges and get excited about similar topics creates a really healthy sense of camaraderie. There's also some opportunity for people to collaborate on projects where the outcome could lead to some kind of real-world solution. Solutions like this can actually be profitable for someone who wants to pursue a venture behind the idea. Personally, if my part in the 3D printing community helps someone to bring their imagination into the physical world, that's all the benefit I need.

Q: Who would you encourage to come to future events? 

Anyone that is involved with or has any sort of interest with 3D printing should come to our meetings. We're a community of people who think that 3D printing is a wonderful technology that has immense power to create and help. If you have a project that could use 3D printing, bring it forward and tell the group. You will likely find someone that would be happy to collaborate.

May Update

May Update

May marks our 4th anniversary in the Mercer Warehouse! A massive thank you to Kelly, Devin and The Gather Co. for all of the support and helping make our campus possible. 

Upcoming highlights in May and June include Startup 101 sessions on Growing Your Business Through Tax Incentives and Raising Capital; Preflight Beta and our new recurring Design Thinking Workshop; Maker Day in partnership with Edmonton Public Library and Make Something Edmonton; and lots of great community meetups. 

Hope to see you at Startup Edmonton soon! 

Meetup Profile: Free Code Camp Edmonton

Peter Chau is the amazing volunteer organizer for Free Code Camp Edmonton - an afternoon of peer-to-peer mentorship and free code camps. Each Hack Day, Peter is on hand to get people set up on the platform, answer questions and trouble shoot. It's an awesome addition to our monthly gatherings! 

We had a chance to sit down with Peter to chat all things Free Code Camp. Don't miss the next edition on Saturday, June 4 at 1:00 PM.

Recap: DemoCamp 31 -

Recap: DemoCamp 31 -

A massive thank you to Mack Male for the great DemoCamp 31 recap.

"Tonight was robot & games night at Edmonton's 31st DemoCamp which took place at the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences (CCIS) on the University of Alberta Campus. After missing the last two, it was great to see some inspiring new projects and entrepreneurs."

Member Update: TeachMe supports mathematical literacy around the world with its new app, Mathematics by TeachMe

TeachMe ( believes that mathematics is a core educational skill that every child needs to develop for future success. In partnership with Facebook’s Free Basics, Mathematics by TeachMe provides kids and youth free access to hundreds of ways to develop their skills and practice mathematics online with math-based games and tools.

“Our partnership with is an incredible opportunity to help further the personal development of children and youth in more than 35+ countries around the world,” said Bill Kara, Founder - TeachMe. “It’s easy for those of us that work with technology everyday to take access to the internet, and all the benefits it provides, for granted. Mathematics by TeachMe is our way to help support the development of mathematical literacy around the world and provides an incredible platform to reach two-thirds of the world where socio-economic status is a barrier to accessing the internet.” 

April Update

April Update

Spring welcomes loads of great programs, workshop and happenings at Startup Edmonton. 

Upcoming highlights in April and May include Startup 101 sessions on Video Marketing and Growing Your Business Through Tax Incentives; Preflight 1, 2 and 3 workshops session; and more great member socials. 

Hope to see you at Startup Edmonton soon! 

- Tiffany, Stephanie, Lauren & Warren - Team Startup Edmonton

Guest Post: James Neufeld - AP Invests in SAM

Guest Post: James Neufeld - AP Invests in SAM

Guest Post: Today I’m extremely pleased to announce one of our largest customers – and certainly our most active and avid user – the formidable Associated Press, has taken an equity stake in SAM.

Our mission since we started SAM has been to build the most robust social newsgathering and storytelling platform available. It would be an understatement to say that social media and UGC has made a massive impact on the news and media industry. There is a magical codependency between the news media and social media and SAM sits right in the middle of those worlds, powering search, curation and the workflows journalists need to be effective storytellers in the modern day.

Member Profile: Pogo CarShare

Member Profile: Pogo CarShare

Kieran Ryan, President of Pogo CareShare, is an active member of our startup community, Along with Co-Founder James Kwan, Pogo joined Startup Edmonton in the summer of 2014 and were a featured company at Launch Party 5.

Pogo is a car sharing service that gives members 24/7 access to a pool of vehicles located within a defined, central zone in the city.  Often you can see a full row of Pogos parked outside of the Mercer Warehouse - many of the startup members take full advantage of their services, including free parking at City of Edmonton meters, gas and insurance. (Commons Members receive an awesome discount from Pogo CarShare!) 

We sat down with Kieran to chat about Pogo CarShare and their Startup Edmonton experience.