Commons membership


Whether you have a business idea you want to move forward, want to connect with other entrepreneurs, or are curious about technology and our city’s growing startup scene, our Commons Membership is for you!

your $35 Annual Membership, includes:

  • $25 credit to apply to a workshop of your choice!
  • Invitations to Commons Socials, like Member Coffee, Startup Ski Trip and more.
  • Membership card for discounts and offers at our friends like Mercer Tavern, Pogo CarShare, and Fitset.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Who is welcome as a Commons member?

  • Everyone is welcome to sign-up as a Commons member!           

Q: But don’t you focus on technology products & companies?

  • Our Preflight program focuses on scalable technology companies, but our community, Commons membership, and foundational workshops are for everyone.

Q: I’m not an entrepreneur and I don’t know how to code. Can I still join? 

  • Of course, we would love to have you! Commons membership is a great way to get connected to the startup community, regardless of your professional background or education. Startup skills are transferable to all industries & you might be inspired to build a technology product after taking a few workshops!

Interested in workspace? Check out our space page for rental rates and details.* Please note: Our Commons membership does not include access to workspace. 

workshop shop

Our foundational workshops are a great place to learn about entrepreneurship and meet like-minded people.

  • Learn the ins & outs of building a business model.
  • Arm yourself with the tools to build great products and services your customers will love.
  • Connect with experts and learn the basics to be a boss, boss: legal, accounting, social media, marketing, and human resources.
  • Book a meeting and a Community Manager can create a personalized list of suggested sessions, meetups and events for you! 

Business Model 101: PREFLIGHT BETA

Having a great idea is just the first step to building an amazing product or service, there are lots of other factors to consider - like your customers, how to reach them, and what they are willing to pay. 

  • A one-page plan that will help you iterate on your idea as you learn about your customers.
  • Learn the ins & outs of building a business model.
  • Map your next steps.
  • Three hours of hands-on support and feedback.

*Preflight Beta is a prerequisite for our annual Preflight program - ongoing support through workshops and mentorship for early-stage technology companies.  

Product Tool Kit: DesiGn Thinking 

One of our most requested workshops, our Product Toolkit helps you build products and services your customers will love.

We take a hands-on approach to learning human-centered design principles to move your ideas forward faster, with less wasted resources.

  • Ask the right questions.
  • Make feedback routine.
  • Build fast with prototypes (for services, products & technology.)
  • Build solutions that resonate with your customers.
  • Use your toolkit to share compelling stories to engage with your customers.

Startup 101 

Be a boss, boss! Our Startup 101 sessions bring the very best experts to you for 90-minute sessions on the basics, plus lots of time for questions.

Topics include Legal, Accounting, Social Media, Sales, Customer Success and more. Startup 101s are ideal for tackling a specific problem you're facing, prepare for a challenge that is just around the corner, and ask the simple-but-vital questions to make sure you're on the right track.  

Startup 101: Outbound Sales & automation

From our friend Jeff Park - Account Executive, Rise People:

So you've been working countless hours building out your product, identifying your product/market fit, refining your message, and finding your audience. Great job, you've got your MVP! But now what?

Or maybe you're already well into your sales push, and you're finding that there are too many calls to make, too many emails to send out, and too much follow-up to do — to get meetings or demos booked.

I've been involved with sales for most of my career (on both the corporate side and running my startup). And when I first started out, it was scary. Some people are natural-born salesmen, but the reality is that most people hate doing it and don't know how to scale up their efforts. The good news is, is that in recent years, there's been an influx of amazing technology that's been introduced to make the cold outbound sales process so much easier to execute.

During this workshop, I want to provide a bit of guidance on some of the things I've learned from my failures, successes, and experiments in sales over the past ten years.

My hope is that it will provide you with some insight and help you on your journey with regards to building a healthy sales funnel.

The main points I'll cover are:

  • Outbound sales in 2017.
  • Crafting your first cold email.
  • Why rejection is awesome.
  • Resources you can use for sales knowledge.
  • Technology and tools that can help you automate your process.

Without Startup Edmonton, our city’s entrepreneurial tech community would not be anywhere near where it is today. Ken and Cam personify the requisite vision and drive to make this happen in any successful tech ecosystem. I look forward to continuing to be a part of the Startup City for years to come.
— Tom Hendrickson, Founder/CEO, Mitre Media