BetaCityYEG (formerly Open Edmonton) Meetup

  • Startup Edmonton #301, 10359 - 104 Street Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Join us for our evening BetaCityYEG meetup, working on projects and solutions that emerged out of our recent discussions. We are the city and region's citizen-led digital engagement group. Developers, civic employees, data enthusiasts, students, professionals and general engaged Edmontonians are all welcome! Anyone is free to stay past the one-hour meeting time and collaborate if they so wish.

We're going to have some great speakers including Dylan Toymaker, the gentleman who designed the lighting for theFreezeway, a former U of A grad who analyzed biking/running data to identify the most popular recreational paths in the city, and Troy Pavlek, who made YEGVotes, the site that tracks council voting.

Check out our site, a work in progress. It's got previous community projects and future ideas.

January 27
January 28
3D Printing Meetup