Preflight helps founders and product builders experiment and validate a scalable product idea. We take a hands-on approach to help you make the first real commitment to building a high growth tech-enabled startup. 

  • Understand startup methodologies and the tools to test your idea, develop prototypes and validate your business model. 
  • Learn how to build and test an MVP (minimum viable product), verify your customer segments, and start gaining tractions towards funding, sales and growth. 
  • Learn from experienced entrepreneurs, investors and from a growing community of fellow Preflight participants and Startup Edmonton members. 

How it works? 

Preflight is an application-based series of four workshops: Preflight Beta, Preflight 1 - Customer Validation, Preflight 2 - Building an MVP and Preflight 3 - Telling Your Story. 

Preflight Beta is open to all and is a registration-based three hour workshop. Preflight 1 and 2 are both 5-week sessions of one, two- hour workshop each week plus mentorship hours. Preflight 3 is a 3-week session of two,  two-hour workshops each week. For Preflight 1, 2 and 3, participants are expected to complete readings and assignments prior to attending the weekly sessions. 

Who is it for? 

Preflight is open to all active members of the Startup Edmonton campus, founders in the community wanting to move an idea forward and participants from the Startup 101 workshop series. 

Applications to Preflight are accepted on a rolling basis. Requirements: 

  • Be the owner, founder or co-founder of a startup or have an idea to move forward.
  • Your startup is pre-revenue or has annual revenues under $250,000.
  • Meet with a Program Coordinator to find your best program fit. 

Preflight applications now open

Applications are now open for Preflight. Your annual registration of $349/per person includes one workshop series (Preflight 1, 2 or 3), peer learning group assignments, mentor office hours, member rate for Startup Edmonton workshops*, and all the benefits of our Commons Membership.

Applications are open year round and processed on a weekly basis.

  • Preflight 1: Customer Validation | November 15 - December 13, 2016
  • Preflight 2: Building an MVP | Coming January 2017
  • Preflight 3: Telling Your Story | Coming January 2017

*Additional workshop pricing: Preflight 1 $200/per person, Preflight 2 $200/per person, and Preflight 3 $200/per person. Schedule subject  to change.

Workshop Summaries 

Preflight beta

November 5 | November 8 | December 13

  • Three hours dedicated to the Lean Canvas Model. 
  • Describe, design, challenge and pivot your product idea based on an evolving hypothesis. 
  • Outcome: Founders will have a framework to start the process of prioritizing where to start, explore product options and track ongoing learnings. 



PREFLIGHT 1 - Customer validation

November 15 - December 13, 2016

  • 5 weeks dedicated to identifying the problem your product solves and who your customers are. 
  • Deeper dive into the Lean Canvas Model.
  • Sessions include: customer segments, personas, customer discovery and metrics that matter. 
  • Mix of instructional lessons, presentations and individual assignments. 
  • Text: The Startup Owner’s Manual by Steve Blank.
  • Outcomes: Founders will have the information needed to make a commitment towards becoming a full-time startup.

Preflight 2 - Building an MVP

Next Session - Coming January 2017

  • 5 weeks to work through your design problem, decide on a best solution, explore rapid prototyping and validate the prototype. 
  • Build your MVP, minimum viable product, and move to the next level of development. 
  • Mix of work sessions, mentorship and instructional lessons. 
  • Foundations & texts: Sessions use design thinking, championed by IDEO and Stanford's 
  • Outcome: Founders will have a product (that has gone through multiple prototypes) that they can continue to build out, get customer feedback on and send to market.

preflight 3 - telling your story 

Next Session - Coming January 2017

  • 5 weeks focused on telling your story to investors, partners and customers. 
  • Learn the importance of telling your story, the role of visual presentation and how to edit your story for a variety of audiences and platforms. 
  • Mix of practice pitch sessions, critiques and instructional lessons. 
  • Text: Venture Deals by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson.
  • Outcome: Founders can effectively pitch investors and communicate to customers about their product.
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Preflight Beta | December 3, 2016
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Preflight Beta | December 13, 2016
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Design Thinking Shop 

Design Thinking Workshop | November 24, 5PM - 8PM

November 24 | 5PM - 8PM 

Join us for a three hour primer on design thinking. Pulling lessons from leaders like IDEO and Google Design Sprints, this workshop is a great place to start thinking and mapping out the way your customers will interact with your tech-enabled product. 

The workshop will cover: 

  • Introduction to design thinking
  • Keeping your customer at the centre of your product / solution 
  • Tools for ideation and prototyping
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When Poppy Barley was simply an idea most incubators and small business centres directed us to lists of resources, workshops, and provided guidance on corporate structure and intellectual property protection. Ken and Cam, Startup Edmonton co-founders, took a different approach – they helped us evaluate our idea and developed us as entrepreneurs – which was key to our growth.
— Kendall Barber, Co-Founder, Poppy Barley