Edmonton Startup Week Survival Guide

With over 20+ events, it’s going to be hard to get to every event during Edmonton Startup Week while handling a job, family, recreational commitments, etc. We feel your pain and want to make it a bit easier to navigate Startup Week so you can maximize your time and experience, whatever events you choose to attend.  


It’s easy to attend an event you’re familiar with or something your friends will be at. But what about going somewhere you don’t know much about the speaker or topic? What about trying something new that seem so foreign to you? The great thing about Edmonton Startup Week is that most of the events are free. You just need to show up (once you register) and bring a friend to tag along for the fun.  

Here are a couple tips to get you moving through the week: 

Talk to people. If you’re at an event full of people you've never met, remember that you already have something in common! It's the perfect conversation starter. 

Be open to trying new things. We know what we’re good at and what we naturally gravitate to when we take on extra-curricular activities or side projects. What about learning something you have no idea how to break into, like robotics or coding?  

  • Take on some PD like a boss when you learn about all of the meetups that frequent the Startup Edmonton space. Join Mega Meetup Night to find a good group of people to learn and share with.
  • The benefits of learning new skills can set you apart throughout a career. The more you learn about things you’re unfamiliar with, the better you define that new skill. Take the Startup Street Hockey, for example. Never played before? No problem! We’ll have all the gear for you. Put a team together to play in the tournament or play a pickup game and give it a go! You might surprise yourself with how much fun you’ll have. 

So get out of your comfort zone and attend an event you wouldn’t necessarily go to, plus attend one that you really support or are interested in. The startup community in Edmonton can be compared to a tight-knit family, willing to help each other succeed and rally around each other's ideas. Come join the fun!