Startup Week Recap Day #1

Happy Startup Week everyone! If you missed some of the action of day 1 of Edmonton Startup Week, you can find all of the goods below.

We started Edmonton Startup Week with an open coffee & tour of Startup Edmonton this morning and it was just what everyone needed to kick off their weeks. Hauk, from Startup Iceland even joined along for the tour!

Lunchalytics was just what we needed for some lunch time brain power. Municipalities close to home and surrounding Edmonton came together for a panel discussion on how open data can be used to create some community shifting, thought-provoking information on what they’ve developed. Over 60 people attended to listen to what open data is doing for our citizens. Want to check out what they talked about? Take a peek at these open data platforms:

Mega Meetup Night featured 35 meetups who use the Startup Edmonton space as their homebase. People got a chance to mingle and check out what each meetup had to offer. From robots, to game developer enthusiasts, to social media and all things ‘code’, there was something a little different for everyone who stopped by last night. Did you sign up for a meetup after attending the event?

So many #yegsw15 events yet to come this week! See you at the Startup Communities Breakfast, Tuesday, Oct. 20 bright and early