Startup Week Recap Day #2

Edmonton Startup Week continues to crawl on (pun intended)! Yesterday we had two solid events that made our Tuesdays that much better: the Startup Communities Breakfast and the Startup City Crawl...Now you get the joke :)


The day kicked off with the Startup Communities Breakfast, featuring Bala Kamallakharan and Haukur (Hauk) Gudjonsson from Iceland. Bala founded Startup Iceland and writes great content on the Startup Iceland blog. Hauk owns a company all about renting out cabins across Iceland and Eastern Canada called Bungalo. He also has a great blog called the Viking Entrepreneur.

They talked about how the economic collapse of Iceland in 2008 was the catalyst for a lot of startup opportunities and community building. What was great to hear was that they are facing similar challenges in Iceland as we face in Edmonton. The feeling of isolation, the challenge of breaking down the walls and talking to those in your community. Startup Iceland truly started around a book club and evolved from there. The first book in their book club, was none other than the Lean Canvas Model. Bala and Hauk also recommended The Startup Communities for anyone interested in learning about the ins and outs of the startup culture and community building.

Mo & Mazen Mahfouz

Mo & Mazen Mahfouz

During the breakfast, we also got a chance to see a creation bubbling in Startup Edmonton, filmed and produced by some of our close friends, Mo and Mazen Mafouz of MXM. The first episode of the Startup Cities mini series. Soon, you’ll all get a chance to see it too. Stay tuned on the Startup Edmonton channels for more information soon.

Startup Crawl saw five local startup offices host the community to learn more about their work culture, products and teams. A massive thanks to Localize, Unit B, Jobber, Granify and Mailout for having us!

Photos! Head over to Facebook to check out great photos of Mega Meetup Night.