Startup Week Recap Day #4

Well day four of Edmonton Startup Week was a fantastic way to highlight everything “startup” in the community. So many great conversations and connections with local supporters. Here’s a recap of Thursday’s events:


A100’s + Flightpath Ventures Level Up Sales Workshop

Here are a few takeaways from Keith Ellis, COO of Headcount:

  • Triggers: something that happens to a prospect that causes them to start looking at your product

  • Persistence is essential in seeking out leads

  • Ask your customers: what started you on the path looking for someone like us?

  • How do you evaluate a prospect? budget, authority, need, and timeliness


Unit B Unlocking the Power of Facebook Ads

Here are a few tips we  picked up from @caribou_chris

  • your ad/content should be as relevant to your audience as you can, PLUS add value


Launch Party

More than 475 attendees met our ten Launch Party 6 companies. It was a fantastic evening of pitching, discovery and socializing. Thank you to all of the companies for showcasing their new products and services.

Next up: Vacancy Hall Social kicks off this afternoon and from our sneak peek into the Hall, it’s going to be a fantastic way to wrap up Edmonton Startup Week.

Thank you for supporting the week in the many ways you have, a special shout to our sponsors and community partners. Thanks for supporting our founders, developers, designers and hackers and building an incredible startup community in Edmonton.