Member Profile: Care Network

Kyle Fox, Co-Founder of CareNetwork, is an active member of our startup community. CareNetwork, a team collaboration tool for hospital doctors, was recently featured at Launch Party 6, an event showcasing companies who are rapidly growing and attracting investor funding. Kyle and the rest of the CareNetwork team, Dr. Noel Gibney and Emmet Gibney, are doing some great things for our community and we can’t wait to hear how they’re making an impact over the coming year. 

We sat down with Kyle to chat about CareNetwork and their Startup Edmonton experiences. 

What are you building?

CareNetwork is a secure platform that enables busy hospital teams (such as an Intensive Care Unit) to coordinate patient care more effectively. Doctors can tell at a glance who their sickest patients are, what’s recently changed, what needs to get done next and by whom. The app is available as a mobile app (iPhone, iPad, Android) and web app.

Every year as many as 400,000 Americans die as a result of preventable medical error, making it the 3rd leading cause of death. The financial cost of these errors is upwards of $17 billion every year. Hospitals are chaotic, so it shouldn’t be surprising that vast numbers of these errors are as a result of poor communication between doctors — in particular during shift change. Small but critical details often slip through the cracks.

You’d expect that Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) would solve this, but they don’t. EMRs were built for administrators, statisticians and billing clerks so they know what’s happening from a 10,000 foot perspective. But EMRs are sorely lacking when it comes to coordinating care day-to-day. Doctors want to know what is happening in the trenches, right here, right now. Doctors are extremely frustrated by the lack of tools and are increasingly turning to insecure apps like iMessage, Dropbox, and Evernote to discuss sensitive information, and even use these platforms to share patient photos.

This is the problem CareNetwork solves. Our app allows doctors to discuss patients and tasks in a totally secure, HIPAA-compliant way. Our focus on mobility and ease-of-use enables doctors to provide smaller updates more frequently, which makes it possible for the whole team to stay in the loop. It’s very easy for doctors to get started — they can simply download our app and begin using it with zero administrative overhead.

The reality is that doctors don’t need more information — they’re drowning in information. They just need the right information at the right time, and that’s what CareNetwork provides.


Why build at Startup Edmonton?

It’s good to be around like-minded people. Although it’s becoming more common, launching a startup is still a very novel thing to be doing. The only people who fully understand the startup rollercoaster are those who are involved in one themselves. It’s motivating to be immersed in a community of ambitious creators who can appreciate what you’re doing. There are also the practical benefits to working at Startup Edmonton: dedicated desks, private offices for meetings & calls, large screens, whiteboards, solid internet, mentorship, etc. Having cost-effective access to these services is critical to an early company like ours.


How has the community inspired you?

One of my favourite things about the community here is how diverse the companies are. Video games, education, e-commerce, journalism, fashion — every industry you can think of has somebody in Edmonton working within it.

It’s also encouraging to see how many successful Edmonton companies started with very humble beginnings: Poppy Barley, Granify, SAM, Showbie, just to name a few. Being able to watch these companies grow is a reminder that everything great starts small — which makes starting something yourself seem less crazy.

There’s definitely a thriving “maker spirit” in Edmonton. You can build anything, you can build it big, and you can build it here.


What’s next for CareNetwork?

Development of our app is nearly complete. Our many conversations with doctors have guided the design of our product and we’re extremely encouraged by how eager they are to use what we’ve built. The next big step is to launch our app in the U.S. We will conduct several closed pilot projects so we can closely observe how the product is being used and refine based on real-world feedback. We will be launching publicly shortly after that — every doctor in the U.S. will be able to legally find, install, and use our app while remaining HIPAA-compliant.