HACKed & DemoCamp 27

The Computer Engineering Club at the University of Alberta hosted its second annual HACKed student hackathon at Startup Edmonton on January 31 & February 1, 2015. Teams competed in two streams, Hack Software and Hack Hardware, for more than $2,000 in prizes with a simple premise: 24 hours - build something incredible.

We chatted with Brittany Lamorie, VP Internal - University of Alberta Computer Engineering Club, about this year’s event. 

Q: How does a hackathon inspire students differently than school projects?

A: Most school projects will give you set guidelines and you don’t get the opportunity to be creative with your projects. Even with the broad range of courses that students take, there are few opportunities to freely apply skills in different areas. A hackathon allows students to build whatever they want and gives them the opportunity to combine hardware and software as they see fit.

Q: What are some of the most memorable moments of this year’s event?

A: This year, a large number of hardware projects were attempted. This led to several very cluttered workspaces, piled with all sorts of testing and measurement gear. Having people soldering and drilling all night was an interesting addition to what was largely a software competition last year. 
Once again, the Microsoft Store provided us with a couple of XBOX One’s. We used these to set up a Just Dance Kinect tournament. It was a fun way to get people up and moving at 1:00am, and was definitely a highlight of the night.

Q: What comes next for the teams, products & ideas?

A: We hope to see some other cool projects out of the teams involved, or the ideas develop further into marketable products. While we hope to have kick-started the development of some fantastic products, the future of the teams and their projects is up to them.

Some of the HACKed participants will show off their projects at DemoCamp 27on February 10, 2015 at CCIS 1-160 on the University of Alberta campus. Join us for real product demos (7 minutes and no slides!) from local startups, HACKed and MADJAM participants.

DemoCamp brings together developers, creatives, entrepreneurs and investors to share what they’re working on for immediate feedback from the community. DemoCamp is a great way to connect with Edmonton’s growing startup community - everyone is welcome!