Job Opportunity - Volunteer Liaison

We’re thrilled to bring HackLab to K-Days! From July 17 - 26 kids of all ages can join us for experimentation with littleBits, Sphero and Lego as they explore opportunities in science, technology and engineering.

We’re looking for a Volunteer Liaison to assist at HackLab powered by Startup Edmonton at K-Days.

Pay and Work Schedule:  

• $18.00/hour

• 10 hours per day, Total Hours - 40 hours

• Saturday, July 18 – Noon to 10pm

• Sunday, July 19 - Noon to 10pm

• Saturday, July 25 - Noon to 10pm

• Saturday, July 16 - Noon to 10pm

The Volunteer Liaison is responsible for co-ordinating and overseeing the activities of volunteers as needed during HackLab at K-Days. The role involves liaising with the volunteers onsite to insure they know what they are responsible for and the role they play.

The Volunteer Liaison is responsible for all onsite communication with potential volunteers, and for making arrangements as necessary and dealing with any problems which may occur. The Volunteer Liason is also responsible, as far as possible, for ensuring that the needs of the volunteers themselves are met and that they all have a good time!


• Good organizational skills

• Able to set and honour commitments

• Well-developed communication skills 

• Able to follow-up in a timely manner when information is needed/missing

• Basic computer skills 


• Liaison will be provided with training, materials and ongoing support from a designated Startup Edmonton Volunteer Coordinator.


• Onsite HackLab at K-Days contact and coordinator for volunteers

• Provide support and information to volunteers and HackLab attendees 

• Assist in problem-solving, if and when the need arises 

• Learn and use the HackLab objectives 

• Identify potential problems early when they can be solved more easily before they become deep misunderstandings which are more difficult to resolve 

• Keep Startup Edmonton Volunteer Coordinator informed about issues affecting the volunteers and event activities. 

To apply, please send a resume to with the subject line: Application - HackLab at K-Days Volunteer Liaison by 10PM on Sunday, July 12. Startup Edmonton is open to a single candidate to fill all available shifts or multiple candidates to take single shifts/weekends.