Meetup Profile: Lunchalytics

Meetup Profile: Lunchalytics

We host more than 200 community events at the Startup Edmonton campus each year. Many of these events are organized by community leaders that volunteer their time to bring people together around a specific tech or startup topic, from Ruby to robotics. 

Lunchalytics is one of the most active meetups groups. Hosted by Dark Horse Analytics, the group explores the use of data and analysis to improve the performance of an individual, organization or industry.  

We asked Daniel Haight, Co-founder Dark Horse Analytics, a few questions about their involvement in the startup community: 

Q: Why did you start the Lunchalytics meetup? 

A: We were involved in a group called the Canadian Operations Research Society that was looking to connect practitioners and academics on the topic of analytics. Lunchalytics seemed like a reasonable vehicle to do so and it has succeeded beyond our expectations. We typically have about 60 people attending, but have had to resort to waiting lists from time to time.

Photo: Edmonton Startup Week 2014 - Mega Meetup Night. 

Q: What are some of the uses, trends or concerns around analytics explored at past meetups?

A: We’ve had very interesting talks about photo radar and commuter safety, the causes of the current energy royalty crunch, how AGLC manages access to gambling, and how water quality varies across the province. Our events are typically “themed” - predictive analytics, data visualization, energy sector analytics, education analytics, transportation analytics, etc..

Q: How have you benefited by interacting & connecting with a larger community? 

A: Through the event, we’ve been exposed to how broad the community is. There are researchers and practitioners doing very interesting things in healthcare, public safety, and a host of other areas. We’ve been introduced to both opportunities to collaborate and to potential employees with a knack for analytics. And we’ve been exposed to ideas, tools, and approaches that we’re able to apply to our own work.

Q: Who would you encourage to come to future events? 

A: We have four main groups that we’re trying to connect. We have researchers and academics who are pushing the boundaries in various areas. We have students and recent grads who are looking for jobs or volunteer opportunities. We have “creators” of analytics (consultants and groups within large organizations), and we have decisions makers “consumers” who use analytics in their work.

Lunchalytics 9 - City Analytics is Wednesday, March 18 at 11:45 AM and features three presentations:

Rhys Chouinard 
Corporate Analyst, City of St. Albert 
Topic: Correlation Searches, Growth Models, and Novel Visualizations

Stephane Contre and Kris Andreychuk 
City of Edmonton and Edmonton Police 
Topic: Contextual Analysis of Crime in Edmonton 

Kurt Borth 
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Alberta, Urban Geography and Planning 
Topic: Housing Choice and Location Efficiency in YEG: Factor Analysis (Q method) 

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