Launch Party 7 Company Announcement

Announcing our Launch Party 7 Companies! 

Check out our Launch Party 7 2016 companies! It's a thrill to see Launch Party grow into a startup community tradition. Thank you to all the founders and teams that choose to showcase their products with us each year. 

We look for ward to seeing you on Thursday, October 20 at EPCOR Tower. 

dealcloser | Founders: Amir Reshef and Ashvin Singh
Every year, hundreds of thousands of hours are spent by lawyers organizing and administering deals for their clients. These countless hours translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees. 
In an increasingly competitive economy, clients no longer wish to pay such high fees and are demanding that law firms either reduce their legal fees or provide a quote for the cost of the deal. Consequently, law firms are under increasing pressure to get the deal closing process under control and to reduce the time and resources spent on transactions. 
dealcloser gives law firms the ability to effectively and efficiently manage deals by automating and organizing the closing process. In an era where the legal industry is moving towards value/quote based billing, and both firms and clients are looking for ways to eliminate non-value added tasks, dealcloser streamlines one of the largest wastes of time and money in the transaction process.
dealcloser is an online platform designed to modernize the art of the deal, bringing to the future the archaic, paper-based process used ubiquitously by law firms around the world. By bringing a variety of tools together into one platform, lawyers can manage a large number of documents, track document versions, collect and store their clients’ signatures and send finished documents to their clients, all from a clean electronic interface - the Dynamic Closing Agenda™. Clients can then conveniently sign all of their documents with the click of a button, no printing, signing and scanning required.

FilmReel powered by FAVA | Founders: Andrew Scholotiuk and Dave Cunningham
FilmReel powered by FAVA is a cloud based management tool for film and media collectives to manage membership, equipment, facilities, events, reporting and content - all in one easy to use web app! 
Frustrated with the lack of options available to manage its core business, FAVA built FilmReel to solve the challenge of serving the diverse needs of more than 350 members - from tracking volunteer hours to equipment bookings, member dues to project completion and, most importantly, displaying finished films, shorts and experiments. The small team at FAVA was duplicating workflows, letting member needs slip through the cracks and spending too much time on their business rather than working with members on creative projects. 
FilmReel manages the many and unique vertical processes found at non-profit co-ops and collectives. It saves hundreds of staff hours, provides real-time member access across verticals, offers timely reporting, and collective tagging and preservation of decades of media production - making it immediately available to the entire community.
FAVA, The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta, is part of a unique community of media collectives around the world and is excited to offer a SaaS product to foster long-term sustainability and further connections between media hubs. In addition FAVA is in the process of expanding its market by adapting its IP to fit the needs of other member based organizations.

RUN-WithIT Inc. | Founders: Dean Bittner and Myrna Bittner
RUN-WithIT’s simulation technology helps development teams ensure their devices, apps, and servers always deliver excellent user experiences.  When scale happens and performance matters, our clients are completely confident in the performance of their entire technology stack.  We do this by using our framework to drive realistic, scriptable activity through their own client/device code, at scale and beyond, against their system, continuously. 
We eliminate performance risk for companies who don’t have the option to fail.  Our simulation serves up rich data and visualizations about every aspect of their real stack’s behaviour from the user experience to the hardware utilization. This data enables opportunities to test-fail-fix and measure-change-measure, reaching certainty before anything goes live. 
Great things happen when the risks around innovations and performance disappear: engaged development teams, minimized testing and support costs, optimized capacity, elimination of system downtime and failures, happy customers, and predictable business. 
RUN-WithIT enables CTOs and their development teams to go from react, patch and pray to innovate, prove and push, ensuring flawless performance for their customers. 

Scarf | Founders: Kian Parseyan and Pieter Parker

In the future, people won’t have to think about food. Instead, a computer algorithm will know their preferences and select a meal it knows they’ll like. This meal will be custom-prepared and delivered hot and fresh at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Scarf is this future.

Scarf is a subscription service that delivers all the meals an individual needs throughout the day. From a library of thoughtfully-crafted meals, an algorithm selects a meal that matches user preferences, taking into account dietary goals and restrictions. This meal is then prepared by a trained chef in a central location and delivered to any location within our delivery area.

Through Scarf, individuals get to save time, energy, and focus on the activities that matter to them.

Taproot Edmonton | Founders: Mack Male and Karen Unland
Taproot Edmonton is a source of curiosity-driven stories about our city, cultivated by the community.
Joining Taproot means you get access to the Story Garden, where you plant the seed of a story by asking a “how” or “why” question about the city. Other members can cultivate your idea by indicating their curiosity, and they can add context or suggest sources, too. Once we see an idea is gaining interest, we assign it to a storyteller, and when it’s ready to be published, we put it out in the world for all to see.
Why are we doing this? The business model that used to support local journalism is broken. We want to replace what is being lost by building a new kind of local media outlet funded by members and focused on what they want to understand better. We don't sell eyeballs, and we don't put up paywalls. We enlist our members to tell us what they're curious about, we commission writers to answer their questions, and we pay those writers from the membership fees we collect.
We are creating a way to tap into the intelligence of smart, observant people. Edmonton is full of such people, and that makes this a good place to develop this idea. But every mid-sized city has this problem. If we can make something that works here, we can transplant the process to other cities, and strengthen local journalism everywhere.

ThirtyThree | Founders: Jordan Bloemen, Logan Gilmour and Matthew Satchwill
RunGunJumpGun is a tough as nails game that puts a gravity-defying weapon in your hands. One button lets you fly, the other blasts obstacles out of the way. With a cast of crazed characters, challenging gameplay, and a pulsing musical score, it delivers twitchy platforming goodness. Part of the Gambitious Digital Entertainment family, the RunGunJumpGun title launched on August 31st for Mac and PC. 
ThirtyThree was forged out of a desire to combine the design, development and musical skills of the founders Matthew Satchwill, Logan Gilmour and Jordan Bloemen. Working out of the Edmonton Public Library Makerspace for a summer before joining the Startup Edmonton campus inspired them to expand their first project to a full title and continue full STEAM ahead on creating a library of addictive, challenging, and quality-focused indie games. 

TradePros | Founders: Drew Currah, Kyle Jeske and Jon Smelquist
TradePros is the fastest and easiest way to hire qualified home improvement professionals in your area. Hiring a Pro is just a few taps away on your smartphone, taking your project from concept to reality in minutes.
Forget online searches, calling, and leaving voicemails, our Pros come to you. Hire a Pro right away or choose the option to schedule an appointment at your convenience, it's all up to you! 
TradePros is 100% FREE to use. Join the hundreds of users who have already experienced the convenience and speed of TradePros, no matter what project, large or small. Check out our website or download TradePros in Apple and Google app stores today. 
Happy Renovating!

vrCAVE | Founders: Nathaniel Rossol, Alex Rossol and Tom Viinikka
vrCAVE creates socially immersive virtual reality experiences. We eliminate the expensive and complex technological barriers required for consumers to enjoy virtual reality. Our B2B hardware/software platform allows entertainment complexes to offer their customers shared virtual experience with friends, on-demand and without buying or setting up their own equipment. vrCAVE brings the incredible popularity of board game cafes, barcades, escape rooms and other group-based entertainment into the 21st century, a real life holodeck to experience with friends! 
Our “Hospital of Horror” is Canada’s first interactive VR haunted house where 2 people can explore together in the same physical and virtual space. In a 5m X 5m arena space, players enter and don virtual reality equipment and enter the shared virtual environment. To accomplish this, we’ve assembled a founding team including a Computing Science PhD with expertise in the field, a full stack developer with diverse software experience, and a serial entrepreneur and MBA graduate. 
Our company’s initial content is focused on entertainment experiences while we perfect our technology with plans to eventually expand to include training and simulation for industrial or public sectors.