Member Profile: Cappsule

Sahr Saffa, co-founder and Chief Hustler at Cappsule and his team think there is a better way to share memories, moments and reviews associated with your favourite spots. Their new app encourages everyone to leave video & photo time capsules to help your fellow citizens discover the best of their communities. 

We sat down with Sahr, a current Preflight member here at Startup Edmonton, to chat a little about Cappsule. 

  • Q: What are you building?
The review and recommendation model is broken. We rely on written commentary from unverified, anonymous users who are not required to actually visit the business or service they are reviewing.
 Cappsule leverages in-the-moment, user-generated video (and photo) for reviews, recommendations, memories and stories left at different businesses or locations. 
Think Yelp, but instead of text, video from your friends, local experts and the general public. We want to help users uncover, discover and share the best off-the-grid experiences anywhere on earth. Our software will be transferrable to wearable augmented reality (AR) technology to change the way we explore our own city or explore abroad.
  • Q: How has the startup community inspired your efforts?
Being plugged into the startup community has always been a #1 priority for us. There are certain organizations that will go to their limits to help you out because their mandate is to help grow the startup community.
We are inspired by the number of growing companies that are making their way out of the woodwork and calling Edmonton their home. For as long as we have a say, Cappsule will always have a home-base in Edmonton because we have benefitted so much from the ecosystem that has been created here.
  • Q: What's next & how can we help?
Contribution to the Cappsule network and early feedback is a key focus for us as we continue to work on our minimal viable product. We have an Android app coming in February, but if you have an iOS (Apple) phone, we ask that you contribute to the Cappsule network by leaving video moments in your favourite locations around the city. If you run into any bugs or think we can make the product better, don't hesitate to reach out.

You can check out more about Cappsule at