Why We Love Community (And Why You Should, Too)

We Really Do Love Community!

From the amazing volunteer leaders that make the meetup scene possible to the first-time attendees at DemoCamp that are ready to cheer on new products and projects, community members are at the heart of everything that we do. 

Here are our top four reasons why we love community (and you should, too.): 

1.      Connect & collaborate

The community is where entrepreneurs, developers, students, and the awesome teams working at startups, growing companies and enterprise companies come together over shared passions.
Real collaboration and shared interest in solving a problem will always form a better team, ready to weather the storm of building a product.
When people ask us how to find a Co-Founder, the community is always the first place we point them.
Happy Meetup People


2.     Develop your technical skills, get lots of practice, and become a mentor

An active startup community is a great place for personal development, as beginners or experts. You can get great advice from your peers and even dip your toes in as a presenter or mentor. Through scheduled meetups to more casual interactions at Hack Days or Member Coffees, the breadth of experience you can tap into without formal mentorship is incredible.  
There is a really active meetup community in Edmonton, and not just the ones that call our campus home. Check out our calendar and Startup Digest to see the massive range of opportunities available, for free, almost every night of the week.
Meetup Presentations

3.     Students find each other and a massive network of opportunities

In the famous words of our Community Manager Warren Johnston, “you’ll never have more time to get involved than when you’re a student.” Of course, it never feels that way with assignments piling up and exams just around the corner.
The startup community is one of the few places where you can meet your peers from across programs and institutions. You’ll be able to better support one another as you move through your studies and get started building real projects together - before you’re ever hired by a scaling startup.
Chances are, if you’re struggling with a concept or not sure where to start there is another student just a semester or year ahead who totally knows what you’re going through and can point you in the right direction. Need more inspiration? Check out this long-read on our friend Nathan’s experiences.
Member Coffee

4.     Creates a place to stress test your ideas.

Getting started on your idea and talking about it for the first time can be a little intimidating. The startup community is full of people doing the same thing you are. They get that you’re trying to tackle something challenging and sometimes it’s going to suck. Some of the most popular ways to share your ideas and get feedback are HackDays, DemoCamp or even Launch Party.

No one owns community and we’re happy to play a part in our city’s thriving scene! So, what next? Explore some of the community options on our event calendar, sign-up for Startup Digest, and take the plunge with a Commons Membership.