Meetup Profile: 3D Printing Meetup

Kian Parseyan is one of our most active members! In addition to working on his company Scarf, Kian leads the 3D Printing Meetup and is always on hand to welcome new faces to the startup community. 

Don't miss the next 3D Printing Meetup on Thursday, May 26 at 6:30 PM

Q: Why did you start a 3D Printing Meetup?

3D printing enables the average person to bring their ideas to life in ways that no previous generation has ever had available but anyone who's done any 3D printing knows that the technology is still far from user-friendly. Getting started includes a steep learning curve and having a community of people to ask questions to would have been a game-changer for me when I was starting out. I created the 3D printing meetup so that Edmonton would have an outlet for people to reach out to when they want to get involved with 3D printing. Also, exploring 3D printing is really fun. Exploring it with like-minded people is funner.

Q: What's involved in a typical meetup? 

We're still a fairly young meetup and we're exploring various topics that have interested members. We've talked about different kinds of 3D printers, how they work, and the various kinds of material they can use. We've covered the basics of 3D modeling and pointed members in the right direction to get the tools and skills to learn how to do it. In one session we ran through, from start to finish, modeling something and then 3D printing it. At a typical meetup we like to start by having people introduce themselves and their interest in 3D printing. Usually someone will bring something cool that they've 3D printed recently to show the group. Then we'll talk about people's challenges/applications and some really cool projects they've heard about. At the next session I want to see if the group would be interested in doing a project together.

Q: How have you benefited by interacting & connecting with a larger community?

Being able to talk about 3D printing with people who face similar challenges and get excited about similar topics creates a really healthy sense of camaraderie. There's also some opportunity for people to collaborate on projects where the outcome could lead to some kind of real-world solution. Solutions like this can actually be profitable for someone who wants to pursue a venture behind the idea. Personally, if my part in the 3D printing community helps someone to bring their imagination into the physical world, that's all the benefit I need.

Q: Who would you encourage to come to future events? 

Anyone that is involved with or has any sort of interest with 3D printing should come to our meetings. We're a community of people who think that 3D printing is a wonderful technology that has immense power to create and help. If you have a project that could use 3D printing, bring it forward and tell the group. You will likely find someone that would be happy to collaborate.