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Mike Wilson, DrugBank 2017

Michael Wilson and Craig Knox are active entrepreneurs and members of our campus. Our first interactions with OMx were while they were working on a customer-facing product that leveraged their deep understanding of databases for scientists and uncovering the trends in data that would impact individual lifestyle choices, around diet and exercise.

Now, their focus and business model have shifted to DrugBank and a suite of connected products that makes the most of their personal expertise, building databases that make scientific research and applications smarter, faster and more capable. 

We sat down with Mike to learn what’s next for DrugBank and the team:

Q: What are you building?

A: We have a product called DrugBank. It is an electronic encyclopedia of information about pharmaceutical drugs. It combines high level information such as information about brand names and what conditions it can be used for, with very detailed information like the chemical structure of the drug and what proteins it interacts with in your body. Each drug has more than 200 different types of information. The data is organized in a way that makes it really powerful for many things from solving scientific research problems, to powering drug related features in software.

Q: How has the startup community inspired your efforts?

A: The startup community has been very helpful to us in terms of peer mentorship, as well as mentorship from experts in the community. We have received so much support from various local organizations, and when we are struggling with something we never need to look far to get advice or help to get us over that hurdle. Startup Edmonton also serves as our home, and is a really important part of our company culture. It really does feel like a big family.

Q: What's the next step and how can we help?

We are growing DrugBank with new data products, and expanding our sales and marketing efforts. We are looking for more resources in this area, and looking for cost effective ways to reach our potential customers that are located around the world. We are also looking at ways to enter markets in India and China, where we see potential, but have not achieved much success so far.


Craig, Mike, and their team are active members of the startup community. 

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