Announcing our Launch Party 8 Companies!

2017 was a record-breaking year with more applicants than ever before. It's exciting news for our community (but it's hard for us to turn down so many great founders & hard working teams.) 

We're thrilled to introduce you to the class of 2017. Over the past seven years, Launch Party has supported nearly 70 tech startups as they introduce products to an eager audience of investors, business leaders, students, and an awesome community of Edmonton boosters. We can't stress enough the importance of hometown support as people build and launch tech-enabled products from our city. You are often the first customers and champions for these teams and your input as they develop product and grow is invaluable. 

Before we share with you the line-up for Launch Party 8, I'd like to share one of my favourite parts of the night with you; it's seeing our guests try out the products built by local companies, especially technologies they wouldn't normally interact with. This year's line-up is chalk full of technology trends like machine learning, virtual reality, 360 projection, video games, and physical products with innovative design patents for you to get your hands on.

I hope you will join us on October 19 in Ford Hall, Rogers Place for a massive celebration of the hard work, innovative products, and supportive community that you're helping to build here in Edmonton. Tickets are $25 (and just $15 for students!)

CLASS OF 2017 

BounceBoxBounceBox is Edmonton’s first on-demand delivery company. Shoppers download the BounceBox app to get their own shipping address for use in any online store. Once a package is received, BounceBox holds it for up to 30 days and arranges for a delivery within a 30-minute window, evenings or weekends, when shoppers are actually home. BounceBox ends missed deliveries, stolen packages, and trips to the courier depots.

BounceBox was founded in the summer of 2017 by two startup community veterans, looking to bring retailers and shoppers closer together. Experts in the field agree that logistics and supply chain has the biggest opportunity for change, in what has become a trillion-plus dollar industry.

BounceBox has options for anyone who buys online, property managers wanting to offer a virtual mail room, or retailers looking to improve their online shopping experience. Long-term plans include autonomous delivery, on-demand warehousing, and Canadian expansion.

coParenter: Raising kids is hard. And for more than 30 million separated, divorced or non-married people sharing that responsibility, it’s even harder. That’s why coParenter provides the tools and resources parents need to make the best decisions for their children.

coParenter is a coParenting management and mediation platform offering on-demand access to dedicated, qualified coParenting and family law professionals who help them resolve conflict, save money and mediate child-centric agreements that keep them out of court.

Because kids should always be at the center. Not in the middle. 

Cognillit: At Lenica Research Group, we dedicate ourselves to a single question: how can we design cost-effective tools that improve people’s mental health so they can live fuller, healthier lives? Our mission is to improve cognitive function by combining research and emerging technologies in novel ways.

Cognilit, our fully immersive brain training program, uses pioneering 3-D Multiple Object Tracking research. This ground-breaking tool trains multiple cognitive skills, including attention, processing speed, complex movement perception, and working memory. These have significant implications in activities like driving and sports. 

We believe in everyone's untapped potential and our mission to help you reach yours.

Full Circle Visuals: Full Circle Visuals is a creative visuals company rooted in photojournalism and engineering. They produce high-end 360-degree video programming for immersive projection domes like the Telus World of Science Planetarium. FCV can capture any 360-degree scene and re-project it in any space like you are there.

Founder Ryan Jackson is President and Creative Director with over a decade experience as a multimedia photojournalist at publications across Canada including the Edmonton Journal. Jackson has been honored with over 28 national and international awards for his visuals and interactive VR storytelling.

Co-founder and Production Engineer Sam Brooks is a U of A Mechanical Engineering grad and former President of Canadian University Press.

In the last year, Full Circle Visuals has shot for the Montreal Planetarium, Discovery Channel and the Edmonton Oilers. They recently moved into their first office to build a projection dome that will get them one step closer to the “Holodeck” from Star Trek.

Ironsight: IronSight is a service-hailing enterprise technology that strengthens the link between customers and service providers through data-driven dispatching. It uniquely offers platforms for all parties required to take any job from inception to completion:

· Requesters tap the IronSight Customer app to quickly send detailed job requests to our client’s web-based Dispatch Hub.

· Coordinators utilize the Dispatch Hub toolkit to assign incoming jobs to optimal field operators based on their schedule, expertise, equipment and real-time GPS location.

· Service providers open the IronSight Operator app to view, activate, and complete assigned jobs. Automated job status and GPS updates keep everyone apprised of arrival times and hours charged.

· Managers make informed operational decisions monitoring KPIs with IronSight’s business intelligence.

IronSight is a disruptive innovation that is revolutionizing an industry struggling with pen&paper, intuition, and labor-intensive processes to manage complex logistics.

REinVR: REinVR creates real estate "video games" for new developments. Our system is designed specifically for selling a new home by making a virtual 3D model of an apartment or house. Developers use our system to help buyers make the biggest purchase of their life. Salespeople can personalize experiences for each individual buyer's preferences for the layout, the colors, and the views. We include unlimited renders, movies, interior design tools, virtual reality experiences and more. Our system is included as a package with hardware leasing options available. We provide everything and for less than the cost of what developers pay right now to get renders made.

SidekickSidekick's mission is to empower individuals with the tools and knowledge to
relieve minor muscles aches and pains themselves. Sidekick's tools are designed to break down the scar tissue and adhesions under the skin. This action improves blood flow around the area, and consequently, your muscles and joints feel looser, lighter and more fluid.

Our tools have been designed to provide individuals the convenience to treat muscle aches and pains themselves anytime, and anywhere. Echo, our feature tool for Launch Party 8, features patented designed grip for professional applications. Sidekick utilizes social proof + e-commerce to get our tool into the hands of some of North America's most demanding cross fit athletes and weekend warriors. 

Testfire Labs | Hendrix: Today’s organizations are facing a new wave of challenges. Daily interactions are at an all-time high, information is increasingly fragmented across systems, and the pressure to deliver improvements in productivity and efficiency has never been greater. Testfire Labs designs solutions to help people do their best work in this busy and complicated world.  

Our flagship product,, is focused on improving the meeting experience. The average professional loses 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings, costing the U.S. economy $37 billion each year. Meetings are due for an upgrade.

Leveraging recent advances in natural language processing and machine learning, Hendrix is a cognitive companion that works with the meeting organizer to automatically capture meeting notes and optimize outcomes. Hendrix tracks trends and surfaces insights to reduce duplicated efforts, stalled initiatives, and potential bottlenecks across the enterprise.

We’ve all been in meetings that suck. Hendrix changes that.

XGen | LowRoad: In the past decade, XGen Studios has released 14 internally-developed titles for consoles, mobile and the web, including the #1-selling hit Defend Your Castle for Nintendo’s WiiWare™ Service and Day-1 PS4™ title Super Motherload.

The Low Road is XGen Studio's most ambitious project to date and first ever point-and-click adventure game. Supported by the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream 2014-2015, The Low Road has become internationally recognized with a growing list of accolades. 

Set in the 1970’s, The Low Road takes place in the world of corporate espionage. Rookie agent Noomi Kovacs must lie, blackmail, and steal her way up the ranks to fulfill her dream of becoming a globetrotting secret agent.

The Low Road is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux on Steam alongside an assortment of other marketplaces including, Humble Store and Wild Tangent. 

ZeptZept’s mission is to help international students get into the best post-secondary school possible. To do this, we’ve created a web app for international students looking to study at English speaking universities. We have created a Tinder-like matching experience that recommends universities to students based on their grades and interests. Once matched, we introduce students to those universities they have expressed an interest in applying to. For that service, universities pay a 15% commission on the first-year tuition of students who enroll and arrive.


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