Take advantage of top ad-tech trends | Visio Media & Brandzooka

Here at Startup Edmonton, we specialize in tech-enabled companies. That's our shorthand for how technology and scale go hand-in-hand; it’s the possibility for a product to expand beyond your expertise and availability. 

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I teach loads of foundational workshops like Business Model 101, Product Toolkit, and Startup 101s like Social Media for Founders and Introduction to Prototyping. Most of the people I have the pleasure of working with are non-technical founders, entrepreneurs, and community builders who are keen to learn more about startup tools and approaches. Without fail, at each session, there is a lot of conversation about tools, platforms, and apps that people can access to start testing tech-enabled solutions for customers or even to build the first version of their product. 

Not everyone wants to build a tech-enabled product, but there are still lots of ways that you can integrate top technology trends into your business to help scale marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. What's even better? There are Edmonton-based companies you can tap into for help! 

Visio Media (a Startup Edmonton and Launch Party alumni company) is an ad-tech company that harnesses the power of place-based advertising and audience targeting to provide a clear return on your marketing dollars.

In the recommended reading, How ‘Homes By Avi’ Won Big by Targeting ads based on Weather and Time-of-Dayyou can learn more about how their tech-enabled product can help grow your sales funnel and track success. I promise you, this short read will make you feel completely differently about your elevator experiences! 

Photo Credit:  https://visiomedia.ca/2017/10/12/how-homes-by-avi-won-big-by-targeting-ads-based-on-weather-and-time-of-day/
What do we love about this update?
Audience targeting doesn't have to be complicated and small changes to your campaign, informed by real metrics, can result in giant gains for your company. We worked with Visio on Edmonton Startup Week and in addition to providing access to great new technology the team provides a lot of one-on-one customer support to make sure you make the most of it. 

With Edmonton Startup Week 2017 still fresh in our minds, it's a great time to share an update on another ad-tech company we met while visiting Boulder Startup Week in 2015. Brandzooka, formally Visibl, was a participant in the Boomtown Accelerator DemoDay (similar to our Launch Party). They offer video pre-roll ad placement targeted to your audience - basically, get short video ads in front of your most desired customers on the sites they already visit. We signed up for their international beta group as soon as it was available and we continue to use them on a weekly basis. They recently announced an expansion into digital television placement and we're already running experiments with them! 

Why we love this tech-enabled solution? Video ad buys used to take a lot of time to set up and big budgets. Brandzooka lets us get campaigns up and running in minutes, makes sure our videos don't just sit and collect dust on social media, and it helps us reach really tough customer groups (like people who have ideas & haven't told anyone yet or comp sci students who play video games but also like meeting new people.) 

Here's an example of the type of ad we run on Brandzooka's platform. Join us for a three-hour workshop dedicated to exploring your product idea using the lean canvas.