Top Three Reasons DemoCamp Is Our Most Enduring Event

Tomorrow night is DemoCamp 38! The rules for DemoCamp haven't changed since DemoCamp 1: 7 minutes to demo - all product, no slides - and business model questions must wait until we head out for drinks*. (But, seriously you don't need to get a beer. Soda is totally acceptable.) 

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If you visited our Mercer Warehouse home this year, you may have noticed the archive photos in the program hall.

The very first photo is from DemoCamp 1 hosted in 2008. DemoCamp was a gathering place for the tech and startup community long before Startup Edmonton and we're honoured to bring more people into the fold with each edition. 

Here are our top three reasons why DemoCamp is our most enduring event: 

  1. Sharing is caring! DemoCamp isn't about being polished or perfect; it's about the joy of sharing something really awesome that you built from scratch with other people who understand the challenges and complexities of the work. 
  2. Q&A sessions can be way more interesting than voting for your favourite project. We know contests and competitions have their place; DemoCamp is your chance to dig deeper into the process of creating a product, project, or update. Even if you're not from a technical background, listening to how people build and overcome a challenge is incredibly inspiring. 
  3. It's the best place to hear about startup and scaleup jobs (even before they go up on our Job Board.) If you're hiring - come on out and just stand-up when Warren makes the call for announcements.  If you're looking for work - come ready to meet new people and don't be shy about your skills. 

We can't wait to see you tomorrow night! We have eight demos on deck and a few more student projects from the 36-hour HackED Beta for you. 

  • Interface Fluidics
  • Liiv Labs
  • Umwelt (
  • Run for Stuff
  • Gfycat in three.js
  • Launch Control
  • Kevin's Cool Bike
  • Elev8 by Visio Media