July Update

Summer is here! We're busy planning our fall Preflight schedule, gearing up for Edmonton Startup Week, and finding lots of new ways to connect with students when they're back in classes. This month, we have two workshops that will help you move your project idea forward: Business Model 101 and Startup 101: Build a website using Squarespace.

I encourage you to take a few hours this month to work on a side project or wild idea - there's no better time to start than now!

If you're looking for some quick summer reading, why not check out our blog? Last month, we had the chance to share our thoughts on biases in the VC community, make some article & podcast recommendations, highlight our alumni members, and reflect on how to make the most of our networking time. I'm always on the hunt for great startup reads - send them my way!

Chat soon, 

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Wednesday, July 12 - 12:00 PM | $25 Registration

Startup 101: Build a website

Join us for a 90 min session on building a website using Squarespace. Squarespace is a tool that enables you to make a professional impression and communicate your brand, product, and services to your customers online. 

Michel Feist joins us to chat about taking and selecting photographs for template-based websites. (Michel takes many of the photos you see featured on our website, blog, and newsletter!) 

More than a web presence, Squarespace has a variety of drag-and-drop features to make the most out of your interactions with customers each day. We’ll cover:

- Dos + Don’ts of designing a website
- Introduction to the Squarespace platform and its features
- Blogging, Social media integration, and social proof
- SEO (search engine optimization)
- Landing pages & learning the most about your customers

RECOMMENDED READING: AI company that conquered Go game opens office in Edmonton via The Globe & Mail

Machine Learning

Photo caption: University of Alberta computing science professors and artificial intelligence researchers (L to R) Richard Sutton, Michael Bowling, and Patrick Pilarski will work with DeepMind at the company's first research office outside the UK in Edmonton, Canada (Credit: John Ulan)

By Ivan Semeniuk - Science Reporter One of the world’s best known companies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is setting up shop in Alberta.

DeepMind Technologies Ltd., a U.K. firm that was acquired by Google in 2014 and is now part of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc., announced on Wednesday that it is establishing a satellite research office in Edmonton, a key hub for AI in Canada.

Three University of Alberta professors will lead the effort, including Richard Sutton, who is known for his pioneering work in a form of AI called reinforcement learning. The others are Michael Bowling, whose team this year produced a program that can play a version of poker as well as human professionals, and Patrick Pilarski, whose work includes applying artificial intelligence to rehabilitative medicine.

Read the full article.

MEMBER UPDATE:  Showbie Named Award Finalist for Best Education Cloud-Based Solution Category 


Photo caption: Showbie customers in Harrogate, UK. 

Showbie is a free educational app for teachers and students that make creating and completing assignments, providing assessments, and storing grades easy. Colin Bramm, CEO, and his team are passionate about creating meaningful interactions between teachers and their students. All the hard-work is paying off: more than 3 million users in 136 countries around the world, and a recently they were named finalists for the SIIA CODiE Awards in the Best Education Cloud-Based Solution category.

Stay tuned to the blog for a big update on their progress next week. 

Read more in the Edmonton Examiner.


Workspace - Startup Edmonton

We're here to support you as you build a tech-enabled product and company. As our member companies grow, workspace becomes available, and we're excited to welcome more founders & their teams to our Mercer Warehouse location. 

Why work at Startup Edmonton? 

  • Creative collisions happen all the time - over lunch in the kitchen, drinks after work or a quick coffee in the big comfy chairs - giving you the chance to learn from your peers and get real-time feedback when you need it the most. 
  • Surround yourself with other founders and their teams who understand what you're doing and some of the unique challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.
  • By working at a vibrant co-working space & community hub, you'll be more likely to take advantage of all the awesome benefits our startup community has to offer. Attend meetups right after the work-day; take advantage of even more Startup Edmonton programming; and meet a wide network of passionate, talented, and driven founders, developers, designers, and technology enthusiasts. 
  • Great workspace amenities including free coffee, member socials, mentorship hours, and lots of opportunities to profile your company and recruit team members.

Apply for workspace today!

RECOMMENDED READING: Thanks for the tweet! 

Tweet Request

On June 28th, we were asked a great question on Twitter by XC. We needed a lot more than 140 characters to share our thoughts on the biases faced by female entrepreneurs as they seek funding.

Hi XC,

Thanks for your tweet. We've thought about this a lot, too. I recently shared an article from Reid Hoffman on my social media accounts - The Human Rights of Women Entrepreneurs. It highlights behavior changes needed in the extremes but doesn't address the way day-to-day bias can affect women in all roles in tech. In summary, Reid believes that VCs and the startup community must:  

  1. Recognize that the role of the VC comes with a lot of power and that power can be manipulated and abused in a relationship.
  2. If you see morally reprehensible behavior, it's your responsibility to disclose this information to your colleagues in appropriate channels. 
  3. The industry needs to have zero tolerance for the abuse of power and the risk it puts female entrepreneurs at if we don't.

Now, on to the topic of the kinds of biases we encounter every day as women in technology fields. The good thing is this conversation is happening and people on both sides of the funding equation are taking stock. Women entrepreneurs are going into funding conversations knowing they'll need to overcome a lot of biases to be successful and are preparing to overcome objections.

Read the full post.


Our foundational workshops are a great place to learn about entrepreneurship and meet like-minded people.

  • Business Model 101 - Tuesday, July 11 at 5:30 PM in the program room. Learn the ins & outs of building a business model. Move from great idea to actionable plan.