Founder Update: DrugBank

In celebration of our 5th anniversary at the Mercer Warehouse, we had the opportunity to chat with some of our alumni founders about how things have changed for their companies since our downtown community hub opened. We're thrilled that our milestones often coincide with exciting news from our alumni companies! Over the next six weeks, we'll be sharing updates from some of Edmonton's hardest working founders.

In this episode, we hear from Micheal Wilson, CEO - DrugBank.


Together, Michael Wilson and Craig Knox have more than 16 years of experience creating and curating biomedical databases. Since launching, DrugBank has been cited in more than 3,500 academic papers and is used by clients like the World Health Organization, the FDA, IBM and the National Cancer Institute. 

The pitch: Information about drugs is spread across resources and mostly in text form in scientific publications. DrugBank curates, combines, annotates and corrects data from drug agencies, publications, clinical trials and other sources to make information readily accessible to guide research and help make medical decisions.


  • Michael from DrugBank is a Preflight program alumnus. You can join us for the next session of Preflight starting on August 22.  
  • Preflight is our year-round program dedicated to supporting your efforts to build, launch, and grow a tech-enabled product. After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, we know that hands-on support paired with practical resources is the best way to help. 
  • DrugBank has grown at a rapid rate and is one of our largest companies in the Mercer Warehouse campus. Check out all the coworking options available at Startup Edmonton!