Founder Update: Jobber

In celebration of our 5th anniversary at the Mercer Warehouse, we had the opportunity to chat with some of our alumni founders about how things have changed for their companies since our downtown community hub opened. We're thrilled that our milestones often coincide with exciting news from our alumni companies! Over the next six weeks, we'll be sharing updates from some of Edmonton's hardest working founders.

In this episode, we hear from Sam Pillar, CEO of Jobber.

This year marks Startup Edmonton's fifth anniversary in the Mercer Warehouse. To celebrate this occasion, we had the chance to sit down with some of our city's hardest working founders & catch up on the growth of their companies.


In Jobber's own words - we exist to help people in small businesses be successful. Jobber is service business scheduling software that allows owners to organize everything associated with a service-based business in one place, from scheduling visits, invoicing and billing, to managing an on-the-ground team. 

We're always impressed when we visit the Jobber office to see the dedication to customer support and how focused everyone is on a single mission - working hard for their customers ever day. 


  • Jobber is a Launch Party 3 alumni company! You too can be a Launch Party company - apply today for Launch Party 8.
  • Why not purchase early-bird tickets for just $15 & bring your whole team to meet our city's most exciting technology startups? 
    • Sam & Forrest bring the Jobber team out each year & we really appreciate the support.