Our picks for Edmonton Startup Week!

Our picks for Edmonton Startup Week!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday break enjoying time with friends and family! 

With Edmonton Startup Week fast approaching, I want to share our team's top picks for each day of the celebration. Of course, there is so much more to choose from with more than 60 events and more being added every day. Make sure to build your custom schedule as some sessions are filling quickly! 

  • Monday, October 15 | Painless Public Speaking with Alyson Connolly 
    Public Speaking ranks as one of the highest anxiety-producing experiences that most people will face. But it is also one of the keys to success for many people in business. You may be an expert in your field, but if you can’t communicate that expertise to others, it will remain your secret. In this FREE workshop, Alyson will share exercises and techniques that help you gain confidence!

  • Tuesday, October 16 | You don't have to BE a startup to be a startup
    Drivewyze is one of Edmonton's most exciting tech success stories and a fantastic community leader. In this panel discussion, the team will share how the pop culture image of what tech startup should be doesn't have to define your team culture, company vision, or product strategy for you find success at a global scale.

  • Wednesday, October 17 | Machine Learning 101
    Are you curious to hear how artificial intelligence and machine learning will impact your business? Do you want to leverage this technology to scale your business and out-perform your competitors? Our friends at Amii, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, present a primer on the fundamentals of AI and how you can begin to think about applications of AI in your day-to-day work.

  • Thursday, October 18 | Launch Party 
    It's your chance to try products created by incredible entrepreneurs that harness top technology trends! We throw a massive party to celebrate their success, and we need your help as first customers, champions and ambassadors as they reach out to a global market.

  • Friday, October 19 | Free Coworking
    Shameless plug alert! We love our home in the historic Mercer Warehouse and we're proud to show it off during Startup Week. Join us for the last day of Edmonton Startup Week and try out coworking, meet your future teammates and peers, and take a well-deserved coffee break after soaking up all the fun and connections of the week. 

See you soon!