Mayor Iveson and Greg Burlet chat about building a startup in Edmonton

Mayor Iveson and Greg Burlet chat about building a startup in Edmonton

Launch Party 9 was a great night! Throughout the night, 800 community builders, business leaders, community champions, and supporters connected with our ten companies showing off their new tech products. It’s our favourite night of the year because so many Edmontonians come out to celebrate these companies, try their products, and act as their champions.

Late in the program, Mayor Don Iveson and Greg Burlet, Founder of Frettable, snuck outside for a chat all about the process of building a tech company in Edmonton. From Chief Feline Officers to the role of startup communities, the challenges of finding early-stage capital to setting up employee benefits - Greg and Don cover a lot of ground!

Find your place in the startup community!

Greg is a dedicated community leader, and even in the hustle-and-bustle of Edmonton Startup Week he and Bradley Poulette - CEO of FlyAirTrail rebuilt the beloved Startup Edmonton arcade machine. It might seem like a frivolous addition to our space in the Mercer Warehouse, but the arcade machine is a place where people strike up conversations and take a few moments to recharge from the exhausting business of starting and growing a company.

The arcade machine first came to our Mercer Warehouse home as a passion project by one of our original members Sebastien Lhomme of ThinkMojo. It broke down earlier this year after Sebastien moved away to be closer to family, and it was heartwarming to see our members come together to make the project their own, especially during our busiest week of the year.

If you’re curious about our city’s startup community and are looking for some advice to find some fantastic events to attend and people to connect with, book a meeting with one of our managers. It’s a great first step to getting more involved, even if you don’t have the itch to start your own tech company (yet).