Announcing our Launch Party 9 companies!

2018 was another record-breaking year for Launch Party with fantastic applications from early-stage tech companies! The process continues to excite us - we learn about new products, read up on exciting updates, and gear up to celebrate the hard work of so many founders and their teams.

We're thrilled to introduce you to the class of 2018. Over the past eight years, Launch Party has supported more than 75 tech startups as they present products to an eager audience of investors, business leaders, students, and an awesome community of Edmonton boosters. We can't stress enough the importance of hometown support as people build and launch tech-enabled products from our city. You are often the first customers and champions for these teams, and your input as they develop product and grow is invaluable.


Please join us on October 18 at Enbridge Centre for a massive celebration of the hard work, innovative products, and supportive community that you're helping to build here in Edmonton. New for 2018, we’re offering you the chance to come right after work (6 PM - 8 PM) or come later in the evening (8 PM - 10 PM). We’ll have the same great program, food, drinks and music for you to enjoy!


Flock Audio Inc. |

  • Darren Nakonechny, Founder & CEO

  • Ian Kirby, CFO

Flock Audio Inc. is a privately held corporation founded in 2017 and located in Edmonton, Alberta. Its core business focuses on the technology design and manufacturing of innovative audio systems and solutions targeted for both the award-winning industry professional and the avid amateur home producer. On June 25, the company officially opened pre-sales for six weeks on its flagship product designed for the professional audio and broadcast industry, the PATCH System: The world’s first and most advanced digitally controlled and 100% analog audio routing system.

Frettable |

  • Greg Burlet, Founder

  • Chris Chandler, Director

  • Julie Halde, CFO

  • Chris Saunders, Software Developer

  • Ahmed Aleshinloye, Data Scientist

Frettable is the songwriting companion app on your phone or tablet. It listens to you playing your instrument and shows you the sheet music, tabs, and MIDI. It's speech recognition, like Siri, but for music. Frettable empowers musicians of any skill level to write, save, print, share, and improve their music anytime, anywhere. Writing music has never been easier.

Frettable was founded in 2016 by Greg Burlet, an avid music technology lover, whose journey started when his bandmate moved away, making it difficult to write and remember their music—and there the idea for Frettable was formed.

Gabbi AI |

  • Roberto Moreno, Co-founder

  • Elisse Moreno, Co-founder

  • Ryan Ramage, Lead Developer

  • Sherman Tsang, Product Manager

  • Jordan Ranson, Lead UI/UX 

Gabbi.Ai is an AI-based communication platform (AI Assistant) that helps real estate agents build better relationships with their customers.  Gabbi is able to understand conversations and automate repetitive processes. As the central hub for all communications, Gabbi uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to move the real estate transaction forward. Gabbi.Ai augments an agent's daily activity allowing an agent to spend less time on a customer, while communicating better and more efficiently with them. Everyone wins, deals get done more quickly and agents’ can use the time saved to double or triple their earning potential.  

Hölmetrics |

  • Chad Verity, CEO

  • Dr. Yang Liu, Chief Science Officer

  • Charlene Cullen, Psychology

Hölmetrics provides a predictive, preventative and proactive approach to workplace wellness analytics. We use mechanical learning algorithms to predict burnout, providing preventative feedback and proactive self-care coaching to our users.

Our platform offers workplace optimization feedback that creates healthier workplace environments for our users, while boosting productivity and revenue for their companies. For organizations, Hölmetrics provides anonymous data in an easy to use visual dashboard that organizations can use to optimize their workplace and build a vibrant healthy culture using data analysis and not just intuition.

IdyaFlow Inc. |

  • Priya Chellasamy, Co-Founder

  • Ajay Achuthan, Co-Founder

  • Sandra Spencer, Marketing Associate

  • Chance Guo, Software Developer

  • Arthur Di Lascio, Software Developer

The exponential growth of online peer-to-peer marketplaces over the past 8 years has been phenomenal. According to PwC, the sharing economy is a US$335billion market by 2025.

At IdyaFlow we believe, sharing is the new buying. We want to help entrepreneurs create the next Airbnb or Uber on every product and service imaginable. IdyaFlow is a cloud-based online solution for peer-to-peer marketplaces that is simple, secure and intuitive. It enables individuals, entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises to build a fully functional niche marketplace in a matter of days at a fraction of the cost. We currently support clients in Australia, Canada, Italy, and the US.

Integral Engineering |

  • Jason Skow, P.Eng Co-Founder and Principal Engineer

  • Thomas Dessein, P.Eng Co-Founder and Consulting Engineer

  • Daryl Bandstra, P.Eng Co-Founder and Consulting Engineer

  • Brent Ayton, EIT Co-Founder and Consulting Engineer

  • Alex Fraser, EIT Co-Founder and Consulting Engineer

Integral Engineering is an agile group of highly technical engineers who are tackling the pipeline industry’s most challenging integrity management problems. We use the latest technology to develop and apply the most advanced mathematical and engineering models available to help our clients maintain safe pipeline systems at minimum cost. Our product is a simulation model that uses massive cloud computing power to calculate the probability of failure of corrosion, cracks and dents located on oil and gas transmission pipelines. The technology has been proven through successful use in two consulting projects and has now been developed as a SaaS solution which will be available for pipeline operators to use directly. |

  • Dornoosh Zonoobi, Co-founder & CEO

  • Jacob Jaremko, Co-founder & CTO

  • Jeevesh Kapur, Co-founder & Clinical Relations

  • Siyavash Ghassemi, Product Manager

  • Abhilash Rakkunedeth, Research & Development Lead

  • Masood Dehghan, Intellectual Property Lead

  • Koosha Pourtahmasi Roshandeh, AI Scientist

  • Andrew Whittle, Senior Visualisation Developer

  • John Smolley, Visualisation Developer

  • Brandon Zukowski, Technical Intern

  • Vincent Zhang, AI Scientist Intern

  • Min Tang, AI Scientist Intern

  • Xuebin Qin, AI Scientist Intern

  • Farzane Aminmansour, AI Scientist Intern

  • Roberto Vega Romero, AI Scientist Intern

  • Hema Velanki, Clinical information

  • Rory Carrillo, Regulatory & Quality affairs

Medical imaging is one of the most vital tools that drives clinical decisions. Yet it is not accessible to ⅔ of world population, and for others, not available when it really matters. Ultrasound is a solution that can easily reach every patient.

At Medo, we augment ultrasound with artificial intelligence and cloud computing to bring expert level on-the-spot diagnosis to any patient at point-of-care. Our solution’s impact can range from screening abnormalities in newborn babies at remote locations, monitoring old patients at home, aiding trauma patients in emergency rooms, to diagnosing liver and kidney diseases in GP offices.

Stash |

  • Jerry Wolverton, CEO

  • Kevin Eliason, COO 

Don't just store your passwords, Stash them!

Stash uses patent pending technology to keep your passwords out of the cloud and securely in your control.  Signing into an account is as simple as tapping your Stash card to your Android phone.  No more frustrations remembering or typing in complex passwords, and no more fears about where your passwords are stored.  You are in control.

Tadum |

  • Ashley Janssen, Co-founder, CMO

  • Dana Janssen, Co-founder, CEO

  • Matthew Riemer, Co-founder, CTO 

Tadum is the online meeting agenda that helps leaders create a culture of high-value recurring meetings. Low-value meetings are time and money wasters caused by bad meeting culture. But high-value meetings are consistent, efficient, and accountable! Consistent: all meetings repeat and agendas are automatically created based on the last meeting. Efficient: agendas must be sent out before a meeting and the team can update the agenda in real-time. Accountable: agenda items must have a person and due date and all items carry forward until complete. More than just an agenda, Tadum is how meetings become high-value.


  • Melanie d'Haene, Co-Founder

  • Tim Mallett, Co-Founder

  • Hiral Vyas, Programmer

UNDO is an online platform that helps people make financial decisions about divorce and common law separation using interactive software, all without leaving their home. The software generates the necessary legal documents to finalize an agreement, with the options to have a lawyer review the documents and to have mobile signing and court filing, saving money, time and stress.

UNDO was founded in Edmonton by lawyers, Tim Mallett and Melanie d’Haene and was built with Lift Interactive.