Facebook Live: How to use the Lean Canvas after you leave Business Model 101

In this week’s Facebook Live, Stephanie chats about how you can use the Lean Canvas after our Business Model 101 workshop ends. Even though it's just a piece of paper, the Lean Canvas can help hold you accountable to finding success quickly by supporting your efforts to make decisions based on data. 

Three takeaways from Steph’s chat:

  • Often, we talk about the Lean Canvas as the plan-before-the-plan. What that really means is that a Business Plan captures everything you already know and gives you a path to execute a plan towards success. The Lean Canvas is a tool to capture everything that is unknown or assumed about your product or company idea and gives you a path to find real data on which to make decisions.

  • Your job is to make the best guess, estimate or hypothesis you can in each of the nine critical areas of focus, and then test everything you write down!

  • Staying in the present is hard, but it’s essential to moving forward rapidly. A long-term vision is vital to harnessing your ambition; figuring out what’s most important to validate in real-time is vital to leveraging your drive.

Check out the full chat and don’t miss our next session of Business Model 101 on November 19 at 5:30 PM!