Facebook Live - Three tips to shake up your leadership style before the end of the year

Facebook Live - Don’t waste the last days of 2018!

In this week’s Facebook Live, Tiffany Linke-Boyko shares three tips on how you can shake up your leadership style before the end of the year. Her best piece of advice is to treat the last 60 days of 2018 the same way you would the first 60 days of 2019. There is no need to wait until the new year to take on a challenge, learn a skill, or find something to optimize to make your work more efficient.

You can accomplish so much in 60 days, but when it comes to the year, it’s easy to put things on autopilot or dial things in. Tiffany’s chat is a good reminder that today is always the best day to start work on your leadership style and approach!

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