Facebook Live - How to make the most of your company swag

Next week, Steph is teaching a Startup 101 all about using promotional materials to create an army of brand ambassadors for your company. In this Facebook Live, she provides some quick tips on what you should consider before placing an order.

The land of tech startups is littered with lousy company t-shirts! Don't fall into this trap with your limited marketing dollars. Curious about Steph’s first piece of advice? Go home and take stock of all the promotional items, from t-shirts to pens, that are hidden in the bottom drawer of your dresser, the junk bin in your kitchen, or even the backseat of your car! A specific item might seem like a great idea when you’re brainstorming for your own company, but if you don’t value (and use) the same item from your favourite suppliers, it’s probably time to go back to the drawing board.

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November 14 @ 12 Noon

In the 90-minute session, Stephanie will share when promotional swag makes the most sense for your marketing campaign objectives and how to make smart selections your audiences will love. You'll leave with a plan to create an army of brand ambassadors by helping your most loyal fans spread the word about your company and product.