Facebook Live: Tiffany's top podcast picks to binge over the holidays!

Our CEO, Tiffany Linke-Boyko, is an avid listener of podcasts. She’s always on the search for fantastic content to share with the team, our members and the community. (Seriously, we have an entire Slack channel dedicated to her recommendations!)

Tiffany is always willing to take a risk on an unknown podcast if the topic and guests look promising. In this Facebook Live, she shares her favourites of the last few months and how you can make the spare moments you have in the car (or on the bus) really count towards improving your leadership skills, sales, or personal development.

Don’t miss out on great January 2019 events!

If you’re inspired by one of the podcasts Tiffany recommends, don’t wait to take action on your idea for a new product or company. Our January Business Model 101 sessions are in the calendar, along with loads of great meetings and events.