Student DevCon 2018 | Don't Miss Out!

Tomorrow, Warren is sitting down for a Facebook Live session all about how to make the most of our city's startup community as a student. We'll archive it and post a link here when it goes up, so you don't miss any of his recommendations! 

One thing we hear a lot from students is that they're nervous about making mistakes when it comes to building a project, meeting an important person from a company, or applying for a job.

We totally get it, sometimes school feels like a high-stakes game and when you make a mistake or even fail the consequences are real. You have to take a course again, that costs money and your path to graduation can feel further away than ever before. The bad news is that fear of making a mistake can hold you back from taking advantage of opportunities that are created just for you to succeed in the long run.  

The good news is, there is a massive community in Edmonton to support you every step of the way (and most of us still remember what it was like to be a student and a little unsure of what comes after graduation.) 

This year we have 12 workshops sessions for you to choose from - in addition to our three keynote presentations. Topics include: 

  • Data Visualization 
  • Product Toolkit 
  • How To Get Hired (running twice to fit more of you in!)
  • Web Development 
  • APIs 
  • Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Cyber Security 
  • UX 
  • Gaming 
  • How To Hackathon 

Student DevCon, March 24, is our biggest day of the year for students and it combines three of our favourite opportunities for students: 

  • Workshop sessions with awesome team members from companies that build product day-in-and-day-out. Who better to prep you for life beyond the classroom than your future co-workers or managers?!  
  • Keynote speakers who were in exactly your shoes not that long ago. This year Aaryn Flynn joins us to share his experience at BioWare.
  • Opportunities to meet the teams at all kinds of technology companies in a casual setting. There is no better time than at the Company Mixer or after a workshop session to introduce yourself to a bunch of great, high performing teams. Of course, you can ask about job opportunities, but better yet why not ask them what a hard day looks like at their work, or what their favourite build was and how long it took? 

Check out our first round of speakers and we'll have a full line-up of themes and speakers rolling out over the coming weeks. 

  • Mike Kirkup - CTO at Encircle Inc. and Former Director of Velocity at the University of Waterloo 

  • Aaryn Flynn - Former General Manager of BioWare

  • Dr. Patrick Pilarski - Canada Research Chair in Machine Intelligence for Rehabilitation & Lead - Amii Adaptive Prosthetics Program at the University of Alberta, and member of the DeepMind research office in Edmonton. 

  • Stephanie Enders - Manager at Startup Edmonton