How to access resources in Silicon Valley

Starting next week, you can catch an Air Canada direct flight from Edmonton to San Francisco. In this archived Facebook Live chat, Tiffany shares how to make the most of your time and to keep driving your startup forward with crucial partners and relationships in one of the world's largest tech hubs.

So, now that we have this opportunity, how do you make your trips down worthwhile?! 

  1. You need to plan in advance! Research individuals, their companies, and industry segments. Once you have a target list, start making priorities and map out how you can secure an introduction.
  2. Be helpful! No one wants you to always be asking for help. Look for ways to give back and remember every conversation should be an exchange, not a list of demands.
  3. Once you've met someone, remember to continue to engage in meaningful ways. It might be following up with an article over a shared interest. Build a relationship, not a transaction.  

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