Student Summer Program @ Startup Edmonton

Our Student Summer Program teams are hard at work on their projects and products. Each summer, we welcome students from across schools and programs to work on a tech-enabled product at Startup Edmonton over four months. This year, we had record-breaking application numbers, and we're thrilled with the more than 20 students that have committed to exploring tech entrepreneurship with us. 

Over the course of the summer, students have access to our coworking space, take part in the Preflight program, and embed themselves in the startup community. It's great seeing them make connections with founders and teams already! 

Sometimes, when you're a student, it's easy to get caught up in the campus bubble. We give these students massive credit for trying something new, getting outside of the classroom and tackling the exciting world of entrepreneurship. 

A few of our Summer Student Program members! We can't wait to see what they build. 

A few of our Summer Student Program members! We can't wait to see what they build. 

One of the unique elements of our Student Summer Program is that we don't cordon off the students from the rest of the members. The workshops, mentor sessions, and socials are all intertwined with members of the community at the same stage of product and company development that they are, and a few steps ahead. We think these creative collisions are vital to inspiring the students to build great companies, but also consider all of the opportunities to work for startups and scaling companies once they finish their studies. 

We also know that students fit a lot into their summer months, from internships to full-time jobs, spring courses to fun times with friends. Part of being a great founder or team member, is finding the drive to hustle while also making room for all the life stuff that needs to happen. 

We'll share more about their progress as the summer continues. This week, they're busy with Preflight 1 homework: talking to lots of customers about the problems they experience. 

If you're a student, but missed out on the Summer Program, not to worry! Our Student Membership is open year-round. Get a free workshop of your choice, great discounts, and we have FREE coworking every Wednesday. Bryan at the Front Desk can get you registered when you arrive, or complete your application online

See you soon!