Three Reasons Why You Should Share Your Product Idea!

Putting your ideas into the world can be terrifying, especially if you're an entrepreneur and you want to build a product, team, and company! Sometimes it can feel like you need to have everything perfect before you tell anyone about your idea. 

If you have spent countless nights thinking about how you’re going to make your product, who your customers are, and how you will get the whole thing off the ground, we have one piece of advice for you... start talking about it! 

Often, entrepreneurs are reluctant to share what they're working on, even with us. Secrecy doesn't protect your idea; in fact, it will hurt you in the long run. In this Facebook Live session, Shay Barker, our Program Manager, shares her top three reasons why you should start sharing your ideas today!  

One place you can start gathering your ideas and share some of the elements of your product or project is at our next Business Model 101 session on May 14th. In this three-hour session, you'll create a one-page plan for your idea and share a few elements of what you're working on with new friends and peers!