Before you build, connect with your customers! Customer validation explained

Think of customer validation as you create tech products as akin to "Call Before You Dig" when you build a fence for your yard! It's an important step that turns the unexpected into a crystal clear map, but it's a step that a lot of people forget about or rush through because it seems like a hassle. 

Imagine that you have put all your money into building a product, launching that product, and then realizing that nobody wants to buy it. It would really suck! One way that you could have avoided this is by beginning your journey with customer validation.

Customer validation is when you take your set of assumptions that you think that people want in a product, go out and talk to people to figure out if you are right or wrong, and then adjust your product accordingly. Our Program Manager, Shay, sat down on Facebook Live and talked all about why customer validation is so crucial and gave some tips on how to go about it. Check out the video below!

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