Recommended Viewing | Hello World Canada: The Rise of AI

Last month, Hello World premiered an all Canadian AI episode on Bloomberg Business Week. In this episode, journalist and best-selling author Ashlee Vance travels across the country to talk to the best minds in artificial intelligence, provide a bit of a history lesson, and wade through the pop culture representations and ethical concerns about the future of our relationship with this much talked about technology. 

With his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, Vance travels to Edmonton to highlight the work of Richard Sutton in the field of reinforcement learning and to meet some of the talented researchers working in this field in some unique ways. 

We really appreciate the way Vance brings a very human face to the incredible minds that have propelled the field of AI forward in Canada, especially when it wasn't always the hottest tech trend everyone was talking about. The program also acts as a great primer on fundamental concepts in the field and is a great starting point if you're looking to start exploring AI applications for your business challenges.

Thank you to our friends at Amii, the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, for working closely with the team at Hello World to share our Edmonton expertise with the world, and hosting a screening of the program at last week's AI Seminar. 

One of the Edmontonians featured in Hello World is Kory Mathewson. In this extended clip, you can watch Kory and his robot improv partner Blueberry in action. This past weekend, Kory and Blueberry took to the stage as part of the Rapid Fire Theatre's Improvaganza with their show Improbotics. Improvaganza is 10 days of comedy and sketch performances, with teams travelling from New York and Norway and everywhere in between to compete and collaborate with the best in the world. Performances continue until June 23!