Recommended Listen | Upside

Recommended Listen | Upside

This week INVENTURE$ Canada is taking place in Calgary, and it's an opportunity to spark new ideas, innovations and partnerships; spur economic diversification initiatives, and generate investment in Alberta. There are a lot of sessions to take in and collaborative events happening all over the city, like DemoCamp Alberta and Edmonton House

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One of the speakers I'm most excited to connect with is Jay Clouse. He helps founders and freelancers through his virtual accelerator, Unreal Collective, and recently launched the Upside, a podcast devoted to exploring technology startups founded outside of Silicon Valley. 


Here at Startup Edmonton, we want to see more tech-enabled companies start and grow. Having more opportunities to hear from founders launching products to a global market from their hometowns and cities is a great way to find motivation and inspiration.

A few blog posts ago, Tiffany, our CEO, chatted all about the benefits of having more direct access to San Francisco. I think the Upside podcast is an excellent complement to that discussion. The program encourages us to ask questions like How do we make the most of the benefits of our local startup communities? How do I leverage my hometown network? Why do I choose to build my company where I do and can I become a champion to bring people along with me? 

It's exciting to see Jay and his podcast partner, Eric Hornung, put their idea out into the world and find a new way to talk about startups, learn from one another's progress, and ultimately, get more people into startup communities across the country. 

In Episode 1, they lay the ground rules for their new series. They approach each startup episode just like an Angel Investor would explore a new opportunity: Research, Interview, and Debrief. They take the audience along in real-time to drop traditional interviews and, along the way, provide some insight into the investor mindset. 

Since launching a little over a month ago, they have released seven episodes, and they're keen to engage, grow, and evolve with their audience. Tune in and let me know what you think! 

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Recommended Listen: Upside

world-class companies are being built outside of silicon valley. we find, talk with, and discuss the upside of investing in them.