Does your startup need a COO?

With new startups, team members often wear many different hats—that is, various team members taking on several roles that might not fit their exact job description. But as the business grows, having people in specific roles becomes increasingly important—like operations. Operations can be tricky to define, but it involves the managing of functions within the organization to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible. Someone in operations could have their hand in anything from legal, to accounting, to HR. 

As a startup begins to hire on more staff, having a specific person to manage operations becomes necessary. But what exactly might that role look like and when is the right time to fill it? We sat down with SAM COO (Chief Operating Officer), Ashlyn Bernier, and discussed her role, how she got into it, and why it's essential to the success of SAM. Check it out below! 

The team at SAM are active members of the startup community here at the Mercer Warehouse! One of the best parts of co-working is the opportunity to connect with founders, and their teams, who are just a few steps ahead of you.

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