Facebook Live: Welcome back! Tiffany chats all about keeping your New Year's resolutions (and how we can help)!

Our CEO, Tiffany-Linke-Boyko, sat down for a quick chat about what we have on the go this month and how you can harness the energy that comes with a new calendar year. New Year's resolutions can be tough to keep, and we’re here to help. Here are Tiffany’s top recommendations to help keep you motivated:

  1. New Year’s Resolution - Learn a new skill: If you want to learn a new skill or deepen your understanding of a technical topic there is a massive selection of meetups for you to check out at Startup Edmonton. Organized by passionate and knowledgeable community leaders, meetups are like a monthly club that comes together around a programming language, trend, or even working style. We have more than 20 a month for you to choose from!

  2. New Year’s Resolution - Start a business: Starting a business, or even dedicating some brain power to an idea for a product or project, is a daunting resolution to keep. Our Business Model 101 workshops are a great first step because it combines brainstorming with actionable next steps to keep you moving forward. New in 2019, we’re bringing our most popular workshop to the Edmonton Public Library! Join our team at the Riverbend Branch on January 24!

  3. New Year’s Resolution - Shake up your work routine: One of the best ways to shake up your work routine is to change your physical space. If you’re working from home or on the coffee shop tour, why not consider coworking! We have 14,000 square feet of coworking and office space in the historic Mercer Warehouse dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and teams working on tech products. Book a tour with our team!