Facebook Live: Why it's important to participate in extracurricular events as a student

In just a few weeks, we’ll welcome hundreds of students to our annual Student Developer Conference. It’s a day dedicated to preparing for life beyond the classroom. Students can build their skills in workshops from industry leaders like Amii, Darkhorse Analytics, Scope AR, and the UX experts from our friends at MacEwan University. It’s also a chance to hear from developers, CTOs, and designers at growing tech companies about their career experiences - from getting hired to joining high-performance teams, and everything in-between.

In this Facebook Live chat, Adam and Steph chat all about their university experiences and why getting involved in extracurricular activities while you’re in school is a great way to jump-start your career plans and build confidence as you make the transition from the classroom to full-time work in your field.

Student DevCon 2019 is Saturday, March 23rd at the Edmonton Convention Centre!