School Supplies For Your Business | 17 Edmonton Tech Products Your Company Should Be Using

With the back-to-school excitement in the air and lots of families already placing their school supply orders, now is a great time to harness the energy of the season and create a shopping list of great Edmonton tech products that could set your business up for greater success this Fall.

From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, technological innovations are changing the way companies do business. Don’t be left in the dust. Here are 17 made-in-Edmonton solutions to streamline your operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenues.

Fun fact: 16 of these companies are Launch Party alumni! Over the past nine years, Startup Edmonton has showcased tech products in their very earliest moments of development to an incredible crowd of community supporters, investors and champions.

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dealcloser helps corporate lawyers become more efficient by modernizing the largely paper-based process of completing a transaction. The software eliminates many non-value-added administrative tasks, such as collecting signatures, filing, and manually tracking document versions.

Gabbi is an AI assistant that can respond to basic inquiries and book viewings. Gabbi also manages tasks and combines all forms of communication (text, email, social media) into one place in a chronological timeline.


Granify is an e-commerce optimization tool that uses machine learning to predict which buyers are at risk of abandoning their carts. By analyzing customer behaviour (mouse clicks, scroll speed, etc.), Granify can identify specific objections and work to convert hesitant buyers — increasing revenue by three to five per cent.

Developed by Testfire Labs, automatically transcribes and summarizes your meetings into minutes, so you don’t have to. The AI meeting assistant highlights action items and key decisions using natural language processing


Intello is bookkeeping software for sole proprietors. The cost-effective tool allows users to conveniently import up to 18 months of transaction history from any major Canadian bank and automatically a business tax code to business transactions.


IronSight is a service-hailing app that connects industrial operators and service providers through data-driven dispatching. The Uber-like app allows users to digitally request, dispatch, track and analyze jobs.


JumpSeat provides customized in-app learning experiences that allow employees to learn in real-time. Guides are tailored to the application and customized to meet precise learning outcomes.


Jobber’s software makes it easy for home-service small businesses to manage their business — from scheduling to invoicing. It also syncs with most accounting and inventory management software.

PFM Scheduling

PFM helps healthcare systems and other complex organizations with scheduling. Using machine learning, the software accommodates collective agreements and other restrictions to produce rule and budget compliant schedules.


REinVR transforms floorplans into realistic virtual walkthroughs of pre-built homes — making it easier for buyers to visualize their new home and for developers to close deals.

RUNWITHIT Synthetics

RUNWITHIT Synthetics uses artificial intelligence to run realistic virtual scenarios and identify the problems and limitations of a software or product before it goes to market. The platform can be used by a variety of industries — from smart home automation providers to municipal transportation departments.


SAM provides corporate security, NGOs, first responders and news agencies with fast, accurate news alerts. Using machine learning, SAM monitors social media to identify disruptive events, such as shootings or natural disasters, within minutes of their occurrence.


Stash is a unique password management system that stores personal information on a physical card rather than on the cloud. Using the same tap technology as a bank card, Stash allows users to easily sign into their accounts, while ensuring password security.


Tadum helps teams stay organized and accountable through an interactive, online shared meeting agenda. The app automatically creates agendas and meeting minutes once a meeting is finished and has built-in accountability features. It also tracks metrics and provides status updates on different tasks.

Trajectory IQ

Trajectory IQ’s game-powered software not only makes onboarding and training more engaging, but also allows for better tracking of employee progress. The turn-key platform gives access to over 50 interactive puzzles and games that are proven to increase information retention. The company also offer a series of off-the-shelf training modules targeted at industry employees, called The Road.


Scope AR develops augmented reality tools for equipment maintenance and manufacturing. The company's WorkLink Platform combines augmented reality (AR) work instructions with a remote assistance tool. Workers can access intuitive, step-by-step instructions that are locked on their equipment or connect to an expert in real-time for live guidance, supported by an augmented reality tool set.

Visio Media

Visio Media’s anonymous targeting software, called Elev8, allows companies to tailor their digital out-of-home ads to a person’s gender or age. It also provides accurate performance data by measuring how long someone looked at an ad.

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