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Recap: DemoCamp Edmonton 28 - MasterMaq's Blog 

Edmonton’s 28th DemoCamp took place last night at the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences (CCIS) on the University of Alberta campus. We had six demos, including two from Computer Engineering students at the U of A. You can read my recap of our last DemoCamp here. 
 In order of appearance, last night’s demos included:Super Time Warp Battle Force, OMx, Drivewyze, LinkMetrics, Burgess Wireless System, and BarTinder.
Our first demo was from Trevan, Jeremy, and Jordan who showed us the game they built at MADJAM 2015. The theme was “What do we do now?” and they had just 48 hours to build their game. Called Super Time Warp Battle Force, the game is “a web-based multiplayer deathmatch-style game where you control your avatar through three different eras, each with their own unique mechanics.” The game won third place! They used for multiplayer and pixi.js for drawing things on screen. You can play the game here.