A decade of demos

Join us for DemoCamp 40 on March 14

Join us for DemoCamp 40 on March 14

March marks a significant milestone for our most enduring community event, DemoCamp. Cam Linke, Founder of Startup Edmonton and DemoCamp instigator, started the Edmonton edition of technical show-and-tell nights as a catalyst to bring the startup community together.

One of the reasons DemoCamp has stood the test of time is its unrelenting commitment to celebrating people brave enough to show off their work to colleagues, competitors, teammates, and friends. Sometimes projects are polished and have big payoffs commercially, other times its side hustles made for fun and just to see if it was possible. Some demos go off without a hitch, other times the hacks to get the demo to work are more fun than the project!

The joy is in the mix and seeing into the process and ingenuity of our peers that is so often hidden behind the scenes. DemoCamp is hands-down the best place to take the pulse of our city's technology community: the demos, the Q & A, the shout-outs for jobs, the reminiscing of past failure and updates on progress, the student hackathon projects, and, of course, beers to follow.  

We hope you'll join us for DemoCamp 40 on March 14th at CCIS on the University of Alberta Campus. Whether it's your first or fortieth time coming, we can't wait to see you.