Meet the Company: ThirtyThree Games

Meet the Company: ThirtyThree Games

RunGunJumpGun started off as a fun parting gift to an old workplace.

The team behind the popular indie game met while working at a local marketing firm. When it was time for programmer Logan Gilmour and artist Matt Satchwill to move on from the company, they wanted to do something special for their co-workers.

β€œOriginally it was going to be this super simple thing β€” just, you know, maybe stick our co-workers' faces on the characters so they can play as themselves. Just a totally tiny stupid game,” explains Gilmour, co-founder of Edmonton-based game design studio, ThirtyThree Games.

But when they came up with an innovative twist on a classic Nintendo-style platformer they realized they were on to something much bigger than a simple gag game.