Let's Talk About Grants!

Let's Talk About Grants!

I sat down with Amir Reshef, CEO and Co-Founder of dealcloser, to chat about his experience with applying for funding through government programs at the provincial and federal level.

Amir and his team have a healthy perspective on how to make the most of this type of funding. Three big lessons he shares: 

  1. You need to have a plan to move forward with and without the funding. Being able to show your funding representatives how much more you can do with funding vs. without funding is one of the best ways to build your case. 
  2. Relationships are still key to securing government funding and grants, but they are a lot different than your relationships with investors. With a government program, you can't influence the timing cycle and you're often not dealing directly with the decision maker. 
  3. Government funding of any stripe is a massive responsibility and that's why it's a labour intensive process to apply and report on what you're doing with it. Amir does a great job reminding everyone that your startup is being trusted with taxpayer funds because your efforts will benefit the larger economy. 

Check out Stephanie & Amir's full conversation below. Scroll to the bottom for some interesting insight to how it feels to hire talent and pay them more than what you earn as founder!