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Member Update & Recommended Reading: Edmonton startup Pogo expands to Camrose

Member Update & Recommended Reading: Edmonton startup Pogo expands to Camrose

Member company & Launch Party alumni, Pogo CarShare shares exciting expansion news with Metro Edmonton yesterday. Check out the article below & congratulations to the entire Pogo team! 

Edmonton startup Pogo expands to Camrose, becomes Alberta's first small-town car share

Metro Edmonton | By: Kashmala Fida Metro Published on Thu Oct 05 2017

Small town life usually means owning a car to get where you need to go, but an Edmonton-based startup wants to change that.

Pogo, a local car-sharing app, is hitting the road and expanding service to Camrose, becoming the first rideshare in Alberta available in a small town.

Public transit can be a challenge in cities without a huge population base--roughly 19,000 people live in Camrose--and Pogo Co-founder Kieran Ryan says ride shares can fill a significant gap.

“In a lot of small towns, public transit is pretty difficult and car sharing can really enhance the public transit system,” he told Metro.

Guest Blog: Start Me Up by Shayne Woodsmith

Guest Blog: Start Me Up by Shayne Woodsmith

I got my first car in 1996. I was 16. It was an ‘81, rust-coloured, hatchback Toyota Celica. It came out the same year The Rolling Stones dropped the single “Start Me Up”. If only that Celica was the Mick Jagger of cars and never stopped once it started up, but it was only a year younger than me at the time and 15 human years is like 93 car years. So it was old and wheezy and occasionally didn’t start up at all.

But I loved that car. It ushered me into a new era of freedom in my life—no more running to catch the bus, no more cycling 10 kilometres to and from work, no more asking for rides.

I grew up in the suburbs where the only things within walking distance were other houses and a lone gas station where I bought candy as a kid and then gasoline and candy as a teenager. Owning a car was a significant life upgrade—I felt like Leo on the bow of the Titanic yelling, “I’m the king of the world!” In my ‘81 Celica, I was the king of the world, windows down, mixtape in the cassette player, “The World I Know” by Collective Soul blasting from blown speakers.