Do you have questions about Preflight?

Do you have questions about Preflight?

A few weeks ago Stephanie and Shay sat down for a conversation about Preflight.

Get to know Shay and her approach to mentorship and programs. She also gives a great overview of what you can expect from our Preflight membership. Shay is currently facilitating Preflight 2 and has a new session of Preflight 1 starting on April 12th. 

Preflight 1 is a great fit if you want to start moving forward with your tech-product idea. You don't need to know how to build a tech product! This session is all about researching and finding proof that your customers actually want your product before you start to build. 

One of the coolest parts of our Preflight membership is that you can join in at any stage of your product development or launch. If you're ready to start talking to investors or you want to map out marketing and sales plans, Preflight 3 is your best option. Over 5-weeks, you'll build out your pitch deck, get lots of feedback, and create 12-week marketing and sales plans to launch in the market or reconnect with your customers.