Member Update: TeachMe supports mathematical literacy around the world with its new app, Mathematics by TeachMe

TeachMe (www.TeachMe.com) believes that mathematics is a core educational skill that every child needs to develop for future success. In partnership with Facebook’s Free Basics, Mathematics by TeachMe provides kids and youth free access to hundreds of ways to develop their skills and practice mathematics online with math-based games and tools.

“Our partnership with Internet.org is an incredible opportunity to help further the personal development of children and youth in more than 35+ countries around the world,” said Bill Kara, Founder - TeachMe. “It’s easy for those of us that work with technology everyday to take access to the internet, and all the benefits it provides, for granted. Mathematics by TeachMe is our way to help support the development of mathematical literacy around the world and Internet.org provides an incredible platform to reach two-thirds of the world where socio-economic status is a barrier to accessing the internet.”