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Frettable | Note-worthy app brings AI to the masses

Frettable | Note-worthy app brings AI to the masses

Like so many inventions, Frettable was born out of necessity.

Greg Burlet dreamt up the artificial intelligence-driven music transcription service after his bandmate moved to B.C.

Still wanting to write music together, the duo started emailing audio files back and forth. The lack of visuals made collaborating difficult, so they tried pointing webcams at their fretboards instead. This too was unsuccessful.

β€œThere was so much lag and the audio quality wasn’t great,” Burlet says.

A University of Alberta undergrad at the time, Burlet had recently taken an introductory class on machine learning and thought: what if a program could recognize the notes played and automatically transcribe them into sheet music or tabulations? It would work like speech recognition, but for music.