Granify - Software Developer

Software Developer

at Granify


Did you know? Granify is backed by early investors in Facebook, Twitter, AirBnB, Pinterest, Palantir and Yelp and won Top eCommerce Solution and Top Digital Startup at the Digital Alberta Awards!

What You'll Work On

You'll get a chance to design, build, and improve on each part of our tech stack. Our tech stack is divided into three primary components:

(1) is our data collection & decision engine. It slurps up millions of requests and terabytes of eCommerce data (traffic, orders, etc) every day. Everything gets put through our AI algorithms in real-time. This thing needs to be rock solid & blazing fast. The data collection piece is primarily a JavaScript snippet that eCommerce owners paste onto their site, much like Google Analytics. The JavaScript collects data about user behaviour and sends it to our Ruby servers for analysis and decisions.

(2) is our data science team, who are responsible for mining data and searching for patterns which are then used to develop algorithms for predicting shoppers behavior. Tools here include Hadoop, Python, Spark, Java, Tableau — really, anything that helps get the job done.

(3) is the customers dashboard (Rails) used to configure and measure the impact of Granify. It's a pretty standard web app — Rails, jQuery, MySQL, etc. — wrapped up in a beautiful design that's focused on simplicity & usability. The Rails app is also what drives our internal dashboards, which give us highly detailed reports about how our algorithms perform for each of our customers.

Skills & Requirements

You Are…

  • Passionate about finding elegant solutions to complex technical problems.
  • Eager to ship often & iterate quickly.
  • Calculated and data-driven when making decisions.
  • Curious and willing to learn about emerging technologies.
  • Energetic, personable, friendly — and maybe a bit competitive :)
  • A strong communicator

Required Technical Experience

  • Solid JavaScript experience (testing, debugging, profiling)
  • Experience with server side web apps in any language
  • Willing and interested to learn and work with new languages
  • Source control (Git) and familiarity with unix command line

Bonus points if you have experience with:

  • Redis
  • AWS
  • Relational & non-relational databases
  • API Design
  • High Traffic / Real Time Web Applications
  • Systems Design & Administration
  • Machine Learning / Big Data
  • eCommerce

Working At Granify

We take care of our stars. You’ll be offered market leading compensation and generous benefits. Some of our unique perks include free catered lunches, bi-weekly massages and prepaid house cleaning services.

You’ll work hard, learn quickly, be compensated well and have plenty of excitement on a daily basis! We’re a close team and have a lot of fun in and out of the office.

The opportunities for growth, development and career progression are limitless as we continue to tackle incredible challenges to drive even more value for our customers in 2016 and beyond.